All About Sienna: Hollyoaks review

Anna Passey’s character Sienna Blake had a huge impact on my life and inspired me to be stronger with my mental illness. Sienna is one of the Hollyoaks characters I can actually relate to.

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Hollyoaks aired yet more massive twists this week as Sienna Blake ended daughter Nico’s reign of terror by killing her in self-defence, and later handed herself in to the police. And actress Anna Passey stole the show once again, proving that a story can run for as long as is necessary with a strong cast behind it.

Before twist #1, there was a powerful moment when Sienna managed to get Joel to take her newborn granddaughter Victoria away, protecting her from her evil mother: “Poor little thing. You don’t stand a chance.”

Given that Sienna had already lost so much and little Victoria might be the only good thing in her life right now, her act of love seemed particularly poignant. As limited as her parenting skills have been, she frequently puts her loved ones’ welfare before her own happiness. Anna Passey once again played all the emotions beautifully with a powerhouse…

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Earthquakes are hitting the UK

Years ago, we never had snow around Christmas and suddenly last year around December we had snow storms. We Brits always thought that snowing during Christmas time only happens on TV or in America, we thought the same thing about earthquakes too but recently in Hull a large city in East Yorkshire, North East of England, we had an earthquake on Saturday the 9th of June this year. 

[ Seismograms recorded by the British Geological Survey show the earthquake which was felt in Hull ]

According to Hull Daily Mail, the last largest earthquake to occur was the one that occured in Market Rasen in 2008.

There also was an earthquake in Coventry & Warwickshire in 2008 and I remembered looking at an online news article seeing what I’d call a “very unhappy” or “displeased” elderly woman standing outside her house with black bins, bricks laying all over the street.

Hull Daily Mail said that “It occurred at a depth of 18km and was felt across North East Lincolnshire, Hull and East Yorkshire – as well as some reports of it being felt further afield.

They also added

The earthquake measured 3.9 on the Richter scale so it was relatively small.
The BGS says: “Reports from Lincolnshire describe ‘the whole house shook for a couple of seconds’, ‘heard a rumble with a simultaneous trembling’, ‘the bed started to shake’, ‘the radiator jolted’ and ‘thought it was a lorry crashing outside’, indicating an intensity of at least 3 EMS.”

↑ This is damage caused by the 2008 Market Rasen earthquake that occured in Hull
Apparently these types of earthquakes occur approx. every two years.

[ Photo Credit: Hull Daily Mail™ ]

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Most unforgettable sad moments in TV and film

1. Mufasa dies – The Lion King.

It was literally the first movie I cried to, although a lot of people who grew up around the 90’s and early 2000’s will say that they too cried during Mufasa’s death during this popular animated Disney movie.

2. Dawson’s heartbreak – Dawson’s Creek

Although people these days mock Van Der Beek’s face with internet memes during the time the episode was aired this was considered one of the most heartbreaking scenes out of many popular teen soap operas as Dawson’s let’s his longtime true love Joey slip through his fingers onto Pacey’s boat and sailing away as Dawson cries.

3. Marissa Cooper – The OC

A lot of fans were left disappointed after Warner Bros. decided to let the villainous thug Kevin Volchok knock Ryan Atwood’s car over killing Marissa Cooper who was not only a regular in the series but was also a fan favourite. Most fans stopped watching the OC after Warner Bros. decided to make Ryan fall in love and date Taylor Townsend. But that heartbreaking episode was one that most OC fans will never be able to forget as Ryan cradles the lifeless body of his on-off girlfriend Marissa repeating the words “No, no” begging her to stay alive or to refuse to accept Marissa’s tragic fate.

4. Homer gets a new heart – The Simpsons

The Simpsons has been a family favourite animated comedy series first introduced by Tracey Ullman but created by Matt Groening in the late 80’s and early 90’s. As everyone knows, Homer is the leader of the family household and when Homer had a heart attack, it seemed like he was going to die. The scene that touched most Simpsons fans in the episode was when Homer wanted to express his feelings for his children but couldn’t find the right words both Bart & Lisa embraced Homer crying thinking it’d be their last time together. 

5. Philadelphia 

Most of the moments I’ve captured so far were deaths but this one is actually about friendship and acceptance. Tom Hanks played Andrew Beckett a successful, confident homosexual lawyer living in Philadelphia a large city that at the time was against same-sex relationships and people thought HIV/AIDS was a disease that only infected homosexuals. One day Andrew falls ill and after finally been caught out at work that he has AIDS, Andrew is wrongfully fired from his law firm and seeks the help from the other successful, confident yet homophobic lawyer Joe Miller. After spending more time together and putting each other’s differences aside, Joe finally is no longer afraid to be near or touch the sick & dying Andrew as he helps move his oxygen mask from his deathbed. This scene was considered the most inspirational and heartfelt scene from the entire movie because it shows heterosexual/straight people that they don’t have to be afraid to be friends with LGBT people who have HIV/AIDS. The movie scored 75% on Rotten Tomatoes and made $206.7 million on the box office.

6. Jack Dawson’s sacrifice – Titanic 

A lot of people remember the ’97 fictional love story based on real life tragic ship incident that occured back in 1912 that was made into $200 million blockbuster movie by James Cameron and scored 75% on Metacritic & 88% on Rotten Tomatoes and mostly for it’s very emotional scene where the forbidden couple Rose DeWitt Bukater & Jack Dawson float in the ocean waiting to be rescued. Rose was about to aboard a lifeboat but chose to be with her forbidden love Jack. Whilst in the deep ice cold ocean, Jack finds a door for Rose & him to lay on until help arrives but unfortunately the door can only hold one person’s weight so eventually Jack succumbs to Hypothermia and dies as he freezes into the ocean and Rose finally let’s Jack Dawson’s lifeless body float slowly downwards into the ocean and says “I promise I won’t go Jack” whilst looking on in heartache. 

7. Stephen Hawking’s wisdom – The Theory of Everything 

Both Stephen Hawking himself and the film based on Jane Wilde’s book The Theory of Everything were inspirational. For a man who was given just two years defined the odds of living a long-term life with ALS by surviving 76 years. And during an interview when asked how’d he feel about assisted suicide, Stephen Hawking responded with the most unforgettable and inspirational quote: 

“However bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. Where there’s life, there’s hope.”

8. Goodbye Fred – Drop Dead Fred

At one stage or another a young child developes an imaginary friend and has a difficult if not complicated relationship with their parents, especially when it’s their overbearing control freak mother. This was the case for Elizabeth “Lizzie” Cronin only after a disastrous day (losing her husband, having her bag & car stolen then losing her job) her imaginary friend Drop Dead Fred returns to help her cope throughout her ordeal but only causes non-stop chaos wherever Lizzie goes but what’s very special about this movie is that despite the trouble Drop Dead Fred caused, he managed to save Lizzie from further heartbrake by making her finally stand up to her controlling & emotionally abusive mother, leaving her deceitful husband and finally moving on with her life realising that she can be in control of her own life. In one scene she mentioned to her childhood best friend and soon-to-be love interest Nicky Bunce that Drop Dead Fred always defended her whenever her mother made her feel worthless and then Nicky responds “That’s what friends are for, even not the real ones.” You could say that Drop Dead Fred made Lizzie finally feel free and happy again by making her realise that there was so much more in life than work and husbands like friendship to be exact.

9. A brother from another mother – Drake & Josh

A lot of people argued that the Nickelodeon teen comedy series was awful and were trying to replace Kenan & Kel but the truth is, there were some valuable lessons taught in Drake & Josh and there were moments that showed having a brother can also turn out to be the best friend you’ve ever had. In one episode where Josh decides he’s better off without Drake in his life after several disastrous days after Drake shows his usual selfish ways, Drake eventually begins to fall apart and gives a heart felt speech to Josh in front their class declaring his undying brotherly love for his best friend, roommate and step-brother. This shows that no matter what, family is for life and they love you unconditionally, even for your flaws.

10. Dr. Stephen’s choice – Grey’s Anatomy 

In the 2nd season of Grey’s Anatomy, intern doctor & former magazine model Izzie Steven begins developing strong feelings for her sick patient Denny Duquette and when learning that Denny has a chance to earn a heart transplant, Izzie Stevens makes a compromising decision by cutting the wire to Denny’s LVAD to make him look sick enough to be placed 1st on the donor’s list. Izzie didn’t care she was going to lose her career or go to prison for stealing an organ and nearly killing a patient, she just focused on the one thing she felt was important to her than her job, her boyfriend Denny. Unfortunately Denny developed a blood clot and died from a stroke. A lot of people are willing to risk anything just to help the people they all love. 

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You’re beautiful the way you are

I’ve seen a lot of videos on anorexia and/or bulimia and then I’ve seen video about men abusing steroids enhance their gym workouts and improve their bodies.

It’s not worth it, okay? If your boyfriend or girlfriend can accept you as you are, they’re the one who is “not healthy”. I’ve been in unhealthy, abusive and controlling relationships and I’ve witnessed other people in those type of relationships as well.

I’m bisexual so that means I’m attracted to both men and women and I’ve had both men and women try to control or change me.

Several years ago, when I was in my mid 20s, I dated a 18 year old guy, I was a little niave because I was turned on by his rebellious “bad boy” side and he had a good sense of humour and despite his immature side, he was intelligent but he wouldn’t sleep with me unless I lost weight. 

In 2015, I met a woman who lied to me saying she was 18, she told me that if we were going to stay together, I would have to visit the gym everyday and do a 2 hour workout and become a vegetarian. Luckily I didn’t get in trouble when I found out she was 17, according to the UK law, the age of consent in the UK is 16 plus we never even slept together but wow she was horrible and mean.

The thing is, I may look huge to people but I’m on antidepressants then I’m on a hormone injection and I’m diabetic so I’m definitely going to gain weight. Weight gain can also be genetic because my mother told me that everyone in my father’s family were overweight so when I had realised that my weight could be genetic, I became less paranoid and I’ve seen people on the TV series My 600lbs Life and most of them live in their bedrooms and can’t leave their homes.

Due to orthopaedic reasons, I have use walking aids whenever I leave my home because I’m mobile impaired due to a birth defect, a car accident and an old ankle bone injury and it may slow me down a bit but I’m still able to at least get out and get food or pay my bills at my local shop or pick up my medication from the pharmacist across the street. I do use taxis if I’m going somewhere long distance because I suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis which makes me sleepy so I get scared in case people “pick pocket” me on the bus and I feel more safer on a taxi. 

The media makes men and women insecure about their looks. Pornography, modeling, fashion, advertisements, all of these make men and women feel insecure.

Men think because of modeling and fashion, they should have big muscles and thanks to pornography, they also think they should have a bigger penis. 

Jonah Falcon, the man from America who has a larger than normal penis size has said because of his large genitalia, he has had trouble finding true love and women only obsess with him because of his “gift” and he felt like a “freak” during his school days.

The truth is most women aren’t bothered about big abs or penis size, only trashy women who are seeking sex only want men like that, women who seeking a long-term relationship with a man want a man who will just treat them right and look after them and love them back. 

Same applies with men. Women feel that they should become anorexic and dress trashy to get men to notice or like them but men like women who are all natural. Again, it’s just womanising sex addicts who want women with breast implants, fake tans, fake eyebrows, fake nails and hair extensions but real men who actually want to settle down and have a family want a woman just to love them and be themselves around them, they don’t want Pamela Anderson or Nicki Minaj in their bed, they want a Martha Stewart in bed.

Let’s take a look at Seth Rogen:

He lost weight but he didn’t look that much different because he wasn’t bothered about it. He’s been dating Lauren Miller since 2004 and that was way before his weight loss and some people would think “What would a beautiful young woman like Lauren Miller would want with a man like Seth Rogen?” and the answer to that is… Personality! Seth Rogen is a really nice, funny man. He does charity work and campaigns for Alzheimer’s Disease and he’s all down for LGBT rights so he’s pretty much an easy-going and friendly person and so I’m not surprised that Lauren Miller decided to be with him. Seth Rogen is a cool and nice person and according to his fans, he is also fun to hang out with. 

This adorable couple have been married since 2011 and hey, look! Seth doesn’t have any abs either but who cares? He’s awesome! 

If you’ve seen the movie “She’s Out of My League” or “Shallow Hal”, you’d probably get the message that looks or appearances mean absolutely nothing about true love.

If you haven’t seen either of these 2 films then maybe now you should and realise that being in love isn’t about who has the best looking body, who makes the most money or who has the biggest genitalia. 

True love is about connection, chemistry, you know what I mean… Having something in common and wanting to be together. That’s what real love is about. 

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A very “politically incorrect” viral video

When you hear the word viral video, you automatically think of YouTubers such as Shane Dawson, Dee Fizzy, Smoosh, the Fine Brothers etc., well, in this case – That’s not what I’m going to talk about. 

A lot of people say “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend”, after watching a 3 minute video of 3 women arguing: I’m actually starting to see where all these feminine stereotypes are coming from… 

Okay so yes, it’s rude to make mean comments about how a person looks but these women take it WAY TOO FAR!

Somewhere in the video, one of the women who was filming the video actually touched the woman’s breast slightly provoking the argument even further. Unfortunately I couldn’t click on the screenshot fast enough to get the woman actually touching the breast but you can still clearly see that she was up in her personal space.

The video started off with the woman simply just saying that one of the women wasn’t a natural blonde then the two women started claiming that she was “racist”. What is ridiculous is that one of them says “Are you saying that because I’m black?” when NEITHER of the women filming the video are black at all, the woman filming actually said at one point “She’s Moroccan” referring to her friend. 

The whole entire situation gets worse as the two use the offensive slang “retarded” which is often used towards vulnerable disabled people and then followed her around the mall.

The video can be found >> here << 

It fascinates me that the two women are rambling about “racism” when they put “white lady” in the video title.

Popular Gothic social media networking sites are slowly losing their memberships

In August 2006, I had joined one of the most popular Gothic social media networking sites that has a lot of rock music fans who dress in either goth, emo, punk or even hippie clothes. I don’t know why Dav and his Christov the owner named website “GoneGothic” as it was very alternative. 

You had anime fans, emo/scene kids, punk rockers, metalheads and then the traditional goths. 

During 2006 upto around 2012, GoneGothic was the fast running popular website for people who are fans of many different types of rock music and most of all it had a forum section. There’s nothing I love more on the internet than forum sites because you get to talk about just almost everything to anyone and it’s really interesting to hear other people’s opinions. 

DarkStarlings was too another great place too but eventually Eon the creator just gave up and now DS is no longer online. 

[ A mobile phone screenshot ]

If you visit GoneGothic (aka “GG”), you’ll notice that the website is a complete ghost town. There’s never anyone online and the number of members or users are dropping each everyday!

If you see in the picture above ⬆ you’ll notice where I highlighted how many members are online and how members actually still exist on GG.

VampireFreaks however is running smoothly then ever and has more and more new members each day. But the strangest thing about GG is they stole some of VF’s ideas like the ‘ [Online] ‘ bit above each members’ profile picture. 

Will Dav stick to his promise?

Some years back, Dav had promised that he would change his site’s name and would improve it’s style but since July 2014, he has not given anyone an update. 

There were 2 other popular websites as well such as MorbidBeauties and MyGothicHeart but they both closed down as well.

I have noticed that several of my GG friends have turned to Facebook and now nearly all the featured/popular members of GG are all using Facebook or have gone off the internet entirely. 

[ The first two photos were screenshots ]

[ Last picture was provided by Google Images™ ]

The people I look upto keep dying

So many people I’ve idolised and looked upto have passed away, from musicians, actors to scientific geniuses. 

Recently, Professor Stephen Hawking had passed away, a lot of people get jealous and think we his fans only admire him because he’s disabled that’s not the case, he was funny, kind-hearted, intelligent and inspirational. I literally thought Stephen would live longer than 76. He was so brave and amazing.

Last year we all lost one of the amazing singers of all time: Chester Bennington. Linkin Park was one of the many rock bands that influenced me at a very young age. I remembered at just 14 years old listening to Linkin Park’s songs on the music channel “Kerrang!”. Then last year I saw so many people posting about Chester Bennington hanging himself. I was so shocked because I honestly didn’t think Chester would ever give up like that especially when finally being with a woman that loved him to pieces and Chester inspired all of us through his lyrics not to give up.

Two years ago, former WWE star Joan Marie Laurer (also known as “Chyna” to fans) was a huge inspiration to women worldwide being one of the top female wrestlers to compete with male wrestlers had passed away. Laurer was a bodybuilder and was so strong she didn’t even noticed she had ovarian cancer. Her life unfortunately was difficult, Laurer and her family struggled with drug abuse and alcoholism. Before Laurer died, she travelled to Japan to teach English and converted to Mormonism. When people mention “Chyna the wrestler”, they immediately say “Oh yeah, the hermaphrodite who was in a sex tape and took steroids”, the truth is Laurer was nothing like that. Yes, she took drugs but mostly sedatives and narcotics but never steroids, she drunk heavily and had no idea that she was even being filmed when sleeping with fellow former WWE wrestler Sean Waltman (well known as “X Pac”). She was in love with Paul Levesque and became depressed after they split up because not only did she lose a man she loved, she also lost her career in WWE (then known as WWF). Laurer was more than just some female wrestler with a PlayBoy career, a secret sex tape who struggled with alcohol and drugs, she was the Ninth Wonder of the World being one of the strongest women in world history and inspired women all around the world. 

Before Laurer died, David Bowie the LGBTQ and fashion icon had passed away from liver cancer. Bowie was a huge influence on people who struggled with their sexuality and he was a true fashion icon. He even made an appearance in the first Zoolander movie during catwalk battle between Dereck Zoolander (played by Ben Stiller) & Hansel (played by Owen Wilson) being their referee and giving the model rules and instructions during their catwalk battle. A Somalian model Zara Mohammad Abdulmajid going by the stage name “Iman” was left devastated by Bowie’s death but is remaining strong leaving him a tribute “The struggle is real but so is God”.  The couple even had children together. 

And of course, I’ll never forget the day Whitney Houston passed away and the day her own daughter decided to end her life the same way.

Rock music changed my life but I’ll always be very alternative when it comes to music tastes. I’ve always been a huge fan of Whitney Houston, when I found out she passed away, I was shocked and in disbelief until a family member confirmed it was true. Although I knew Whitney Houston had a history of drug abuse but I never thought she would have died then exactly 1 day before my 28th birthday, I saw the news that Bobbi Kristina Brown had died the same way as her own mother, still to this very day, it haunts me knowing that they both died the same way.

So many people I’ve looked upto and admired and idolised have ended up either six feet under or ashes scattered far away. The truth is that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the last straw, that will be the huge bullet in the gut. I will not cope if anything happens to our precious queen, Her Majesty has the biggest influence on me the most that I will just become catatonic. I cannot lose another important figure in my life.

Along with these amazing people, we also lost Robin Williams (actor, comedian), Mohammad Ali (champion boxer), Rik Mayall (Actor, comedian), Carrie Fisher (the original Star Wars Princess Leia) and Cilla Black (TV presenter, singer, actress and author. Best known for being the TV host of Blind Date).

The celebrities who we grew to love have sadly left us and who knows who else will leave.

How do you know someone is Autistic?

Autism affects people differently depending on age and mental capacity. 

Some parents can detect signs of Autism in their children at their early age but some don’t get a proper diagnosis until later on in life.

On the 22nd of March 2 years ago, the BBC began broadcasting a family drama series called “The A Word” which focuses on a 5 five year old boy named Joe Hughes who’s parents thought he was simply an ordinary young boy only with some odd behaviour but during his own birthday party, his parents Alison & Paul seem concerned as their son does not wish to participate at his own birthday party and ignores everyone. 

Throughout the series, all TV viewers watch the parents grow into denial and acceptance that their 5 year old son has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. 

How do we know if someone has Autism?

All children, teenagers, adults and elderly people don’t always show visible or obvious signs of Autism but you can always by the patterns in their behaviour. 

Here is a list of the most common symptoms in Autistic Spectrum Disorder: 

  • Sensitivity to loud noises
  • Repeating the same routines
  • No acceptance in change
  • Emotional distress 
  • Spontaneous mood swings or outbursts 
  • Collecting specific objects or showing a strong interest in a particular hobby
  • Social anxiety (refusing to socialise with other people) 
  • Poor communication skills 
  • Trouble understanding consequences of inappropriate actions 

These are the symptoms that many Autistic people show and the whole idea of my non-profit charity is to spread awareness of Autism around the UK as many Autistic people always get misdiagnosed. 

I was diagnosed with general Autistic Spectrum Disorder and ADHD as a young child because I always wasted to be around my parents and teachers at school thought I was death because I wouldn’t speak and ignored them so my parents had me take a hearing test and everything came back fine but I still showed signs of odd behaviour so then my parents seeked help and advice from social services and children’s mental health services and there it was, I had classic Autism and ADHD.

But unfortunately as I grew older, I became a quick learner and my behaviour changed so I had a reassessment at a social care clinic at age 16 and an IQ test. My IQ was 101 and I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome but as soon as I went to live in independent housing with adult social care when I was in my 20s, psychiatrists and psychologists kept diagnosing me with “Borderline Personality Disorder” and it really frustrated me because I knew for a fact I didn’t have it because Borderline Personality Disorder is a totally different condition. 

Asperger’s Syndrome is a more complicated version of Autism as it means you suffer from mental illness as well as Autism and I fell into a deep depression at 13 years old because I was getting bullying at school due to my sexuality and weight, I was raped by one of the school bullies, my parents got divorced and my cousin was brutally murdered by tough street gang members and at age 16 I began struggling with fit in and make friends at college and I began self-harming and attempting suicide so my elder sister noticed that I had Asperger’s Syndrome and that’s why my mother had me reassessed by a social worker. 

My former psychologist from North London was very patronising and continued to diagnose me with Borderline Personality Disorder and then I was kicked out of my sheltered housing accommodation and placed in supported housing accommodation filled with severely mentally unstable people who carried around drugs and weapons and nearly every day I was accused of things I had not done wrong and got arrested. I was beaten black and blue by the so-called “support workers”, the boss of the company stole nearly £4k from my benefits and my mother finally informed my sadistic, egotistical, narcissistic CPN that I indeed have Autism and that she owns a statement from social services confirming it.

This is the problems with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, a lot of people make judgements, they assume that all Autistic are mute, twitch a lot, bite their hands and hit themselves but that’s not the case. NOT all Autistic people clap their hands, twitch or figit, bite themselves or other people, refuse to talk and punch their heads or slap their faces. This is merely a stigma and a stereotype. Autism effects all people differently based on their age and mental capacity. I am semi-independent meaning I can speak for myself and perform certain tasks but I am dyslexic, I cannot tell the time but an analogue clock only a 12hr digital clock, I can only cook easy or ready-made meals, I struggle to count money and have been taken advantage of, I struggle to keep my flat tidy and I find it hard to communicate with people and make new friends so I require supported housing by adult social care services. My mother has been taking care of me since my early 20s so I’ve never been able to do things by myself. 

I have a mental age of a teenager so I like collecting toy cars, actions figures, I enjoy playing with lego and reading comic books despite my legal age is 30 years old and I spend most of my time inside my flat using the internet or playing video games. Most of my good supportive friends are people whom I’ve met online because I struggle to make a conversation in person, if I do talk to people in person it’s usually paramedics, police officers, shopping assistants or elderly people because I feel more comfortable and relaxed around these types of people because I know they won’t judge me based on my looks or appearance and they’re easy to talk to. I find it hard to talk to my friends from school or college over the phone as I struggle make icebreakers or find topics to discuss and eventually end up with a mental block but if I talk to a family member it is easier because my family members know very well. 

So this is what Autism is like for me. It can be very frustrating at times but a lot of people think I’m cool and wouldn’t want me to change who I am and I totally agree with them.

(A photo of Steven Neary a man with Autism from North-west London who was mistreated by adult social care services) 

All images are provided by Google Images™ – Copyright is not intended.

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How people can tell what age are you?

Have you ever wondered “How do the police tell if someone is 18 or 30 years old when they’re just a skeleton?” – Well here’s how I am going to tell you. 

[ Forensic officer at a crime scene ] 


Teeth are a unique way to tell if someone is over 18. People begin developing their wisdom teeth when they’re 18 years old. This literally could be the new way for baby faced people to ID themselves in pubs and nightclubs without a passport or a driver’s license in the future. And not only can a person’s age can be verified by their wisdom teeth but by their actual dental records as well just like when a body is so decomposed that forensics can’t verify the person, usually they analyse their teeth by molding a shape of them by mixing cement and sending the model to a dental practice and the dentist can identify the teeth by their unique shape and the work they’ve had done. Also they can do this by just photographs as well as molding sculptures. 

[ Woman being examined by dentist ]


The average height for man is usually between 5 foot 10 inches to 6 feet and the normal average age for a person to stop growing is at 16 years old. The average height for a woman is usually 5 foot 4 to 5 foot 7 inches. Again, people stop growing at 16 and usually a person’s can tell that the person is over 16.

The woman’s pelvis 

The female body is an amazing thing and do you wanna know why? Forensics can tell a woman’s age just by the size of her pelvic bone structure. And why is that? Because a woman’s pelvis narrows down as she ages. Here below is a picture of the development of the woman’s pelvis as she ages. 

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Why movie piracy will no longer be an issue worldwide

People most days watch movies they like on movie channels or stream them online and with services such as Play Store (Google) or Prime Video (Amazon) and their cheap prices, people are less likely to go out and purchase a pirate copied DVD. 

There’s still an issue on MP3 downloads but at least now all film Production Studios won’t have to worry about their profits going down nor having people stealing their movies for free as more and more people are just simply relying for online sources to watch movies and people no longer are purchasing DVDs.

Many years ago, people go to a video store and pay a monthly fee but they’d also would have to pay for the video they rented. It usually would be around £7.00 here in England to rent a video but now on Play Store and Prime Video, you can rent any movie you enjoy for just £2.49 or £3.49 which is literally half the price. Pretty good right? Well it gets better! 

DVDs are now cheaper than ever because most people watch movies online.

So I guess it’s safe to say that piracy will now soon become the thing of the past.

[ Man watching TV on couch ]

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