Rape and Consented Sex

As you may know, the award winning British soap opera Hollyoaks has been showing a storyline where former footballer Luke Morgan struggles with alcohol as he tries to cope with his past.

Mark Gibbs a jealous football rival raped Luke Morgan to humiliate him in front of his friends and to destroy Luke’s relationship with Mandy Richardson. 

Other Hollyoaks rape victims are/were Nancy Osborne, John Paul McQueen, Ellie Nightingale & Holly Cunningham. 

What is the difference between rape and consented sex?

Rape isn’t always physical or forced, sometimes it can be emotional blackmail. For example a man could have an argument with a woman and use his jealousy or insecurity to blackmail the woman to sleep with him even though she is not in the mood for sex – This is unconsentful meaning it is rape. It is normal for women to orgasm during unconsented sex as it’s a reaction to the sexual climax but people who are in a long-term relationship can be raped by their own partner. 

In example: Holly Cunningham’s ex-boyfriend wouldn’t stop kissing Holly’s neck and said “I love you, you know I love you and you know you want this”, Holly is seen feeling uncomfortable and unsure about having sex and as she tells Ellie Nightingale how the sex felt like, Ellie explain to Holly she has been raped. 

Bullies can be rapists and men get raped too

Mark Gibbs bullied and tormented Luke Morgan because he was jealous of his relationship with Mandy Richardson and his success with football so Mark decided to rape Luke to humiliate him and ruin his life which lead to Luke’s addiction to alcohol and the breakdown of his relationship with Mandy. 

My rapist got away with raping me and I’m depressed 

Unfortunately sometimes there isn’t enough evidence to prosecute the suspect but no matter what, you WILL get through this and move and eventually get closure.

Luke Morgan’s closure 

Luke found Mark Gibbs roaming Hollyoaks village whilst he was spending time with Mandy Richardson and her daughter Ella. Luke vowed to get revenge for the rape he suffered 17 years ago from Mark. Whilst Mark was waiting to meet his wife on the bridge, Luke finally shouts out about his rape by Mark in front of Mark’s wife Jenna. Jenna looks on in horror and questions Mark if it’s true, realising it was true, Jenna runs away and Luke finally feels realief and embraces a scared & concerned Many realising it’s finally over.

My rape story

I was 14 years old and obviously I still had my female body back then as I didn’t come out as transsexual to my mother until I was 18. My rapist was a boy in my school, he was desperate and obsessed with sex and wouldn’t stop harassing me to perform certain sexual acts on him and one day he held me down in the science room and all I could remember was this horrible uncomfortable pain and was staring at the ceiling whilst crying in agony, waiting for all of it to be over and done with it. I had told my head mistress but she didn’t believe me, for weeks I had stomach pains, I felt sick and wouldn’t eat my lunch at school and eventually I suffered this horrible, crippling pain inside my stomach and then I was bleeding from my genitalia. I suffered a miscarriage and then never told anyone until I was 17 as I had never had sex before and because I was Autistic, I didn’t know how long a baby could last inside a woman’s stomach and I had no idea that I suffered a miscarriage. 

For many years I was angry because my rapist didn’t go to prison, he was only given an order by the police to avoid all physical contact with me and I wanted revenge but then I saw his profile on Facebook and I couldn’t believe what I saw. He looked very obese and unattractive as well as bald and he has no girlfriend, I was so happy because I have so many friends and have had many relationships and I’ve probably had more relationships then him.

Rape will always be the hardest thing to get over and forget but the truth is, we’ll always get some form of closure and we will always survive this.

[ Luke Morgan facing his rapist Mark Gibbs ]

[ Mandy Richardson comforting a drunken Luke Morgan ]

[ Luke Morgan struggling to battle his alcohol addiction ]

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My poor treatment by the DWP, Maison Moti and Metropolitan Police

Unemployed couples with more than one child refuse to go to work. The boyfriend or husband will spend most of his day drinking or taking drugs whilst the wife or girlfriend sits on the sofa smoking cigarettes in front of her own children and will continue to have more children just so she can have more money.

Heroin addicts and alcoholics are on benefits and they don’t have any assessments done by the DWP or the job centre. 

When you see me outside, you see an independent adult but whilst I’m at home, I’m gasping for oxygen, I’m puffing away on my inhalers, I’m applying several body creams on my body because I have extreme sensitive skin and my joints are constantly hurting. I spend most of my free resting in bed ranting online because I am too tired and in a lot of physical pain to even do anything with my life. 

I live off microwave meals because I can no longer cook for myself. I have the mental health services visiting me monthly because I want to hurt myself to escape from my problems. 

My illnesses/conditions: 

  • PTSD because I was raped at just 14 years old
  • PTSD again because I watched my neighbour fall to his death
  • PTSD more and more because I have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually 
  • Depression because I don’t want to go on living accepting the fact I will never be like other people 
  • Depression again because I was trapped inside the wrong body and nobody can accept it
  • Depression more because I hate myself because of how look
  • Anxiety because the stress is affecting my life
  • Autism, I was born with it
  • Brain damage, again I was born with it
  • Dyslexia because I cannot remember dates and times and rely on a LED 12 hour clock
  • Dyslexia again because I am terrible at directions 
  • Agoraphobia because I’m terrified to leave my home in case something bad might happen 
  • Arthritis because it’s genetic and I didn’t have the right proper treatment for my orthopaedic issues
  • Sinus Tachycardia because I’m sick
  • Type 2 Diabetes because I don’t know how to cook

I can go on all day and the list will be endless but it doesn’t matter because Theresa May refuses to accept that I am a human too.

I spent months fighting for my PIP claim because I was denied it just because I could move a few steps and breathe. 

Most of my ESA was stolen from an adult social care company because they thought I wasn’t Autistic and that I was a spoiled brat with behaviour problems, their way of dealing with me were bruises and being arrested. Nearly £4k was claimed by Maison Moti and I wasn’t aware because I was no longer in their care. 

I am not a person, I am a piggy bank to society because all adult social care companies want to make profit for having me in their care. 

I have no history of drug abuse but two female officers painfully inserted their hands into my genitalia. I was left naked inside a police cell without food or drink and I was denied my inhalers when I was having an asthma attack. 

All reports made by staff members in adult social care came back with no evidence because I was innocent and they told a lie.

People judge me by my behaviour, if you were me you would be fed up and angry all the time too but that wouldn’t make you a bad person.

Why I left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Believe it or not, I actually used to be a Mormon and attended the Church of Jesus of Latter-day Saints, I was even baptised and studied the Book of Mormon and even helped out some of the sisters by participating in teaching other investigators. 

Why did I leave? 

Like most religious places of worship, the LDS church was homophobic and they treated me like an outcast after discovering that I suffered from a severe mental illness. I was close friends with another LDS church member and her boyfriend became increasingly jealous of how close we were and tricked her into thinking I was trying to break-up their relationship so we argued and I got fed up and self-harmed in the church during their Sunday service. 

After the rejection, I began joining St Mary Magdalene Church of England and became a Anglican Christian who studied Zen Christianity. 

What is Zen Christianity? 

Zen Christianity is just like all other Christian faiths only the believer studies some of the Buddhist principles and practices yoga and meditation. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Zen Christian and attending the COE?

Most people at the Church of England are just like everyone else, when I attended the church, nobody cared about how I dressed and were okay about my sexuality, I felt welcomed and accepted. You also don’t need a dress code to worship God or Jesus. 

Being a Zen Christian is so good for your mind and body because meditation helps you to relax, yoga is very good exercise and following the eightfold path and the five precepts can lead you to a better and happier life. Buddhism is a lifestyle and not a religion, the Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) said he wasn’t a God, he was a person just like everyone else and the word “Buddha” means “The awaken one”.

The worse parts of being a Mormon/Latter-day Saint

  1. Sexism. All men must wear the standard male suits such as office trousers, shirts, ties, dress shoes and a blazer. Women aren’t allowed to wear trousers, they all must wear skirts with their shirts or wear a full dress.
  2. Magic underwear. The Mormons believe that wearing a specific shirt and shorts over their undergarments will help them resist their temptations of sexual intercourse. Although this was proven wrong as the Indian Mormon I knew had “dry humped” and “fingered” his girlfriend. If that’s not close to sexual desire then I do not what is!
  3. Baptisms in honour of the deceased. Mormons believe that if you get baptised for your deceased relatives, they will be protected and go to another place. 
  4. No caffeine allowed. Despite all the Mormons drinking energy drinks, Pepsi and Coca-Cola, they cannot drink tea or coffee, even if it’s decaffeinated because it’s supposedly against the words of wisdom. 
  5. Being baptised in general. Unlike a Christening, you get thrown under water and you have to have your full entire body under the water for 10 seconds until the prayer is finished by the elders or the brothers of the LDS church. 
  6. Mental illness. If you’re mentally unwell, you are considered a threat to the church and the church disowns you.
  7. Sexuality and Gender Dysphoria. If you’re an LGBT person, you are not welcome to the LDS church unless you follow the law of chastity meaning you must become celebate and only straight couples can marry and no transgender people are allowed at the church unless they’re intersex meaning they were born with both sex genitalia. 
  8. You are not allowed to shop or watch TV on the sabbath day. Each Sunday, you cannot buy a loaf of bread to eat or a pint of milk to drink nor are you allowed to watch TV unless it’s something related to Mormonism.
  9. Mormons don’t worship Jesus. All Mormons believe that Joseph Smith was the true prophet and worship him. If you read the Book of Mormon, Jesus’ name is never mentioned. They claim the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ but if you ask any Christian and even Catholic, they will tell you that they have never even heard of Jesus Christ. 
  10. All money goes towards the church and the bishop. Unlike the proper Christian or Catholic churches, the LDS church uses their money for themselves and not for the needy.

So I guess you can say Mormonism is one of the worse religions along with Islam.

Recently the current Pope decided to allow priests to get married as he wants Christianity to become more modern. Most churches read the new testament instead of the old. You’re allowed to drink tea and coffee at the Church of England. Unlike the Mormon churches, all Christian and even Catholic churches provide free food and even money towards people who cannot provide for themselves. 

You now the truth of Mormonism. 

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Alan Christoph’s internet friends and favourite YouTubers

You may know him as the well loved Twitter member but he is also a very well loved member of YouTube. 

Before Alan became friends with his mother’s dog and finally gotten used to having dogs around him, he was actually cat crazy despite having asthma and severe allergies but not all of his internet friends or the YouTubers he is fans of are all animals. Read the list and you will be surprised. 

  1. VersaBC – Back in 2011, Alan came across a YouTube video uploaded by VersaBC, since then on he supported VersaBC’s channel and help fund him in keeping his channel going. VersaBC had a black short haired cat named N2 who stole the hearts of many adults and children worldwide and Alan was one of them. He loved N2 and Kona and was a huge fan of VersaBC. 
  2. SteveCash83 – Alan admitted that watching Cash’s videos of Sylvester the Talking Kitty helped his depression and anxiety. Steve Cash has only briefly communicated with Alan on numerous occasions but this was a very long time ago and neither of them even remember talking to each other but Alan still enjoy’s Cash’s videos. 
  3. Aaron Rift – Before Alan started watching Cole & Marmalade, he was watching a lot of videos by Aaron Rift. In an online interview, he said that “Kitty GaGa” and “Screaming Cats” were his favourite. In a live chat with Aaron he told him how much he enjoyed the videos and Aaron said the videos were some of his weird ones but agreed they were a lot of fun. 
  4. Cole & Marmalade – After finding Aaron Rift’s channel, Alan found Cole & Marmalade and would watch their videos when he was sick with tonsillitis and a bad cold. When asked who was his favourite cat, he said Cole but he enjoys watching both cats online. 
  5. Gregory Jackson – You may know him as UhOhBro, Onision, OniChan and many other names. Alan has been a fan of Gregory Jackson for a long time but never spoke to him before until recently. He says that Gregory is a very nice person and is misunderstood. A lot of people dislike Gregory because of how he talks or expresses his opinion, Alan said he admired his honesty and thinks he’s better than most YouTubers. 
  6. When Alan’s YouTube name was “TouchMyPooper”, he was friends with an American teenager who was studying film and was making her own movies. The YouTuber’s channel is no longer available but the videos had a comedy sketch show about an emo girl and a scene girl being friends, he thought the videos were hilarious and asked the teen to upload more videos. That very same time he was friends with another teen girl who’s channel became viral by uploading a video joking about the emo fashion, again the channel is no longer available but some people have re-uploaded the video. When asked why his username was “TouchMyPooper”, he said he remembered an episode of the OC where Adam Brody’s character responded to Mischa Burton kissing Cam Gigandet by saying “Eww or touch my pooper?” to Rachel Bilson. After having to repeat himself to explain why he choose that username, he eventually decided to change his username to Hulkerine100. He choose Hulkerine because both his favourite comic book characters are the Hulk and Wolverine, he said the “100” had to be added because someone else choose the username before him and he couldn’t think of anything else. 
  7. Lucas Cruikshank – Famous for his Fred videos, Lucas was one of the many YouTubers who helped Alan’s anxiety and depression. Each time he reacted to his enemies, he copied Fred’s phrase “Take that homeboy” and would say “Peace out homeboy” to all of his friends. Alan no longer watches Lucas on YouTube though due to Lucas quitting his comedy character Fred. In an online interview he said “Although I love Lucas’ work, Fred is just no longer the same. I miss his old episodes where he was hyperactive and would have this little outbursts, it reminded me of myself as a child but what can say? Children grow up, Lucas is no longer a kid anymore and is now a young man.”.
  8. Four Ginger Kitties Four – Earlier this year, Alan had came across a video of a cat in a shopping trolley, when he clicked on the video, it showed ginger cats shopping for cat treats and cat food, he thought the video was cute so he eventually became a regular viewer for their channel.

Although semi-retired from YouTube, Alan still uploads a few videos. Most of them are about his mental health. His favourite YouTubers are listed on his channel under “Other Channels”, VersaBC is included.

When a friend informed Alan of the death of N2, he was really devastated and uploaded a video dedicated to VersaBC, he also uploaded a video on his old channel that’s dedicated to VersaBC’s other cat Nightcrawler. 

Alan is a fan of N2’s music and said his favourite songs were “Superhero Cat” and “Siamese Kona Cat”. 

As you can tell, there’s a lot of diversity in this. Alan has favourite YouTube animals and favourite YouTube vloggers.

Alan so far has over 62 subscribers and lots of people have been supporting him through his depression.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog as much as I did writing it – Michael

[ Alan at Hull’s 2017 Pride festival ]

Spanish man with Downs Syndrome has plastic surgery in order to bed women

A man named “Julio” in Spain refuses to accept that he has a disability and does not want to date any women with disabilities so he decided to have cosmetic surgery to disguise his disability. 

In Spain there is a law where anyone who is considered disabled has to have their parents’ consent in order to be accepted for plastic surgery. Julio didn’t like the fact he has Downs Syndrome and wasn’t getting as much women as he’d like so he asked his parents for their permission for him to have surgery on his face and eyes to hide that he has Downs Syndrome. 

Julio doesn’t want anyone to know he is disabled and Julio doesn’t want a girlfriend that is disabled. 

In my honest opinion, I think Julio is spoiled, selfish and cold-hearted. I believe he was brought up in a very shallow environment giving him the idea that people who are disabled are not up to his standards or expectations. 

Being a disabled person myself has not limited me from socialising with other people, it’s definitely not affected me from dating anybody and I’ve not been treated any different from anybody else. I’ve only had a few problems in life that involves my disability but other than that, I’ve had the quality of life of any other person. 

Being disabled is nothing to be ashamed of. Many people with disabilities (especially Downs Syndrome) have a fulfilling lifestyle.

Edward Barbanell is best friends with stuntman & comedy actor Johnny Knoxville. The duo have a great friendship and Edward was featured in Jackass 3.

Edward Barbanell rose to fame after having a big role in the comedy film the Ringer alongside his best friend Johnny Knoxville. To celebrate 20 years of the film “Dumb & Dumber”, the Farrelly brothers decided to make an official sequel to the original film and Edward was offered a part in the sequel for a minor role. Edward himself has said his disability has not stopped him from enjoying his life and he is more than happy being himself and nobody else. I give Edward big praises for that!

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Blue Moon

Selenophobia is a fear of the moon. It is named after the moon goddess Selene. The word “Lunar phobia” also is used but is rarely said. 

Despite being a well loved Twitter member and a friend of YouTube sensation, Alan Christoph is in fact completely terrified of the moon. Back in 2013, he admitted himself into Luton & Dunstable Hospital after a severe panic attack after seeing the moon looking very large in the sky, the doctor on duty had written down that he definitely indeed suffers from Selenophobia and was prescribed emergency valium to reduce his fast heart beat.

Another time in 2013, Alan had witnessed a lunar eclipse that made the moon look red, this memory has traumtised him for years. 

In many studies and cases, it is believed that Selenophobia is triggered by a bad childhood background, Alan Christoph though states that he has suffered a form of trauma amnesia and finds it difficult to reveal his childhood memories and can only vaguely remember some events.

Alan Christoph has said he “ignores” the sky if he has to leave his home during the night to avoid looking at the moon.

So if you see anyone frightened by the moon, it’s not uncommon as many people do suffer from Selenophobia although the moon is a rare thing to be afraid of. 

Alan Christoph luckily has conquered his fear of syringes but does occasionally faint during some blood tests or vaccinations. During a 2014 interview online he said “I remember having my first flu vaccine, it didn’t even hurt but suddenly I woke up to people tapping my face and I was told I had fainted”. 

How do people get over Selenophobia? 

Like all other people, we all eventually grow out of our fears but sometimes some fears can be permanent and unreversable.

Usually getting over a fear often requires the person to actually face them. 

Spiders have been known as a common fear for people, usually the person faces the spider in order to get over their fear of it. They sometimes hold the spider in their hands to remind themselves there’s nothing to be afraid of but some spiders bite and that can often cause the person to continue being afraid of spiders. After the person feels calm and no longer afraid, they tolerate the spider’s presence in the house.

With needles, the person uses the spider method, they test themselves to see if they can tolerate it’s presence. Needle phobia is usually caused by a person thinking that the needle will hurt them but it’s actually the body’s panic mode that causes the needle to feel painful. When you’re relax, your muscles do not tense up whereas when you panic, your adrenaline is released and your muscles tense up making your body feel extremely sensitive. Emla cream is often used to numb the skin to help the person feel less pain, there are often cooling sprays in the hospitals and doctors offices. The many reasons why some people cannot use emla cream or cooling sprays are because their veins are too small.

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Sue Perkins & Anna Richardson are expecting a baby?

Anna Richardson just told the Telegraph “I hope me and Sue have a baby one day”.

I’m still shocked that Anna Richardson is even with Sue Perkins. Anna Richardson was in an 18 year relationship with Charles Martin then suddenly in 2014 she begins a relationship with Sue Perkins (who is not even a funny comedian). 

I think their relationship is a joke! A woman who has been straight her whole doesn’t decide one day to be a lesbian. Anna Richardson is mocking all other lesbians by making them look fake.

And since when can women get each other pregnant? You need a man to get pregnant. Thomas Beatie aka “The Pregnant Man”, his ex-wife couldn’t have children, because Thomas Beatie still has female reproductive organs, he had sperm donated.

Women can only get pregnant by sperm and in order to get sperm, you need a sperm donor which is a male not a female. Women cannot produce sperm, it’s scientifically impossible. 

I’ve heard of lesbian couples adopting, having sperm donated or seeking a surrogate by never have I ever heard of lesbians getting each other pregnant. 

I’m a human rights activist and being a Transgender person, I’m down with the whole LGBT community but I cannot stand fake people. I don’t even believe Anna Richardson is bisexual never mind a lesbian. How can you be in an 18 year heterosexual relationship then go to into homosexual relationship next? Was she cheating on Charles Martin with other women? I can understand a gay person hiding their sexuality by being in a relationship, Elton John has done it but after he realised that it’s safe to be gay, he finally came out. 

Same sex marriages and relationships were already accepted by 2014 which is why I refuse to believe that Anna Richardson is a lesbian or even bisexual. 

Who would want to date Sue Perkins anyway? Ellen DeGeneres is better looking than her! And she’s funnier too! Sue Perkins isn’t even a great comedian. 

You wanna know which lesbians are the sexiest? Here’s 5 that will get you moist.

  1. Kristen Stewart.
  2. Jodie Foster.
  3. Ellen Page.
  4. Cara Delevingne. 
  5. Kate McKinnon.

That’s what you call hot my friends. 

⬆ This is what you call FAKE! ⬆

Itchy skin? Do NOT assume the worse!

Recently I’ve been suffering from itchy, irritated skin and I automatically thought I had eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis but a doctor reassured me that I actually had a follicle infection. 

What is a follicle infection? 

Usually a follicle infection is when bad bacteria affects your hair follicles but it can also be caused by hairs over lapping each other. This skin condition is very common with adults, especially adults with diabetes and I am a 30 year old type 2 diabetic. 

How do hairs overlap?

It can happen very easily. All hair follicles are thin and small and sometimes an extra follicle can produce through your pores.

Is a follicle infection fatal?

Not necessarily but it can affect your immune system if left untreated. 

(Man with hair follicle infection)

So do not panic thinking if your skin is itching so bad that you have dermatitis, eczema or scabies. Hair follicle infections happen a lot to adults and not many people know they even have it so if you begin to itch really bad all over your body, speak to your doctor first.

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Fundraiser for Stand Up to Cancer

I am currently running a fundraiser for Stand Up to Cancer. If anyone could please donate, I’d very much appreciate it. All money goes towards cancer patient treatment and students at university who are researching cures. 

Click here to donate
My goal is to reach at least £100. In the past I have shaved my head in honour of my deceased childhood best friend who died from terminal bowel cancer and I did it to support all cancer patients worldwide and I donated £25.00 to Cancer Research UK. 

Please help me save lives.

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How I control my diabetes

I was diagnosed in April last year of Type 2 Diabetes, I was prescribed 500mg of Metformin pills to regulate my glucose levels. 

I’ve been told though that Metformin pills can damage your kidneys so now I have a glucose testing kit from my doctor which I use to test before and after meal times so that why I can only use my Metformin when it’s actually needed.

How do I know my blood sugars are increasing? 

Basically you’ll sweat, you’ll feel hot, you’ll get a headache and you’ll feel like collapsing. 

My highest blood sugar rate so far since using my glucose testing kit was 12.2 which is high but not dangerous, if yours is around 13+ then that’s when you should take your Metformin. 

How do I know if my blood sugars are low?

You’ll feel weak, lightheaded, dizzy, your speech will become slow and you’ll feel like you’re tired but other people will think you’re drunk. 

The average and safe glucose rate is between 4.6 and 7.0, if your blood sugar levels are very low, it’s time for you to eat some fruit or drink a sweet drink (i.e. Lucozade) and slowly your blood sugars will return to normal. 

Is it normal for some diabetic people to be fat?

Yes, because we have scheduled meal times, we need to eat when our blood sugars are low, we have to eat something each time our Metformin pills are due to be taken. Also, insulin injections can make Type 1 diabetics large. Being diabetic and overweight isn’t necessarily the person fault because the medication can increase their size.

Can diabetic people be skinny?

Yes, diabetic people can be skinny or overweight. It depends on how the diabetes is effecting their bodies.

Is dieting and cutting out all sugar recommended? 

Not necessarily. Diabetes is not about sugar, it’s about how much fat your body stores and how much energy your body produces to burn it by your glucose levels. It’s all about moderation and whether or not you’re insulin dependant. 

Diabetic people are allowed ice cream, chocolates, crisps (aka “potato chips”) as treats but in moderation. 

Going on a diet programme is probably the worse thing a diabetic person could do because if your blood sugars go very low, you can end up in a coma which is life threatening. 

The key is just moderation. We diabetic people usually eat only 3 meals daily (breakfast, lunch and dinner). But this doesn’t mean we cannot stop for a ice cream whilst out and about with our friends or treating ourselves to a pizza or noodles, we just have to take it easy. That is all.

(A man talking to a doctor)

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