I’m going to help fund the NHS to help the UK keep their free healthcare

I may not have a big source of income but I am going to do my best to help fund the NHS by donating money to some of their departments that need more help.

Theresa May and Arlene Foster both want to make the NHS private and the UK has a high number of single or young parents with low income, working class people who don’t get paid well will suffer too.

It’s important that the UK has free healthcare. I believe that only visitors to the UK should pay for their medical treatment and the NHS should put a limit on A&E patients who are injured by binge drinking. 

I am not going to stop until the NHS is forever free.

This will also help the salary for public nurses and public consultants as if they go private, their salary will change a lot.

This will affect university students who have worked very hard to earn their position as an NHS member of staff.

The NHS will be founded either way by me as I will be making fund raisers and generous amounts of donations. 

I will be contacting the CEO of the NHS and make sure that our free healthcare is saved!

Photo credit: Google Images™