34 Things That Annoy Me

  1. Having to wake up early in the morning (Why can’t I sleep some more?).
  2. My neighbours screaming or shouting at the windows. 
  3. If the weather is too hot or too cold.
  4. Bad internet connection. 
  5. Poor phone reception. 
  6. Having to wait in line.
  7. People coughing over me.
  8. People spitting on floors. 
  9. Bad body odour. 
  10. Dirty, wonky, rotting teeth.
  11. Facial acne (Just pop it already!).
  12. Kids screaming (Can’t their mothers shut them up?). 
  13. Not having enough money (I’m always tight on cash).
  14. Paying bills (The government is bleeding us dry).
  15. Noisy neighbours (Sometimes I feel like hitting them). 
  16. Dirty public toilets (I really hate this). 
  17. When people don’t clean the toilets (Eww!).
  18. People eating with their mouths open.
  19. People picking their noses (at least do it with a tissue and sanitise your hands afterwards).
  20. People scratching their butts.
  21. Seeing people picking up cigarette ends in order to collect tobacco (pathetic). 
  22. People searching payphones for loose change (again, pathetic).
  23. Conservatives (They’re all c*nts).
  24. Blood pressure cuffs (Do you really need to strangle or asphyxiate my arm just to get a reading? My arm goes dark purple each time and it scares me!).
  25. Having an irregular heart rhythm (Why couldn’t I have been born normal?).
  26. Being born in the wrong body (I have to have all these unnecessary surgeries and hormone treatments just to make myself the right gender).
  27. Homophobia and Transphobia (Let people love and be whoever they are happy with, leave them alone!)
  28. My withdraw symptoms from my antidepressants (I feel very sick each time I miss a tablet).
  29. Hipsters (Seriously? The most annoying human beings I’ve ever met! They’re not cool, they try too hard!).
  30. Having allergies (I really want a dog or a cat but I’m asthmatic and have hayfever all year round, it’s annoying).
  31. All terminal diseases or illnesses (Why do you have to take away the ones we love?).
  32. Being diabetic (I miss eating crappy food and getting drunk, thanks for taking that away from me asshole!).
  33. Being overweight despite trying to lose weight (Get off my body, I’ve done everything I could to look good!).
  34. My stalker (Grow up and get a life!).