I have Growth Hormone Deficiency

Growth Hormone Deficiency is when your body is not producing enough of hormones to give you more puberty and you may look like teenager but not an adult. When it’s men, usually they have a hard time growing a full beard, I can only grow a small stubble and small sideburns. I don’t have chest hair but I have hair elsewhere (underarms/armpits, groin/pubic region, legs and arms). Men as adults are supposed to have some chest hair, more hair on the feet and fingers. Right now I have small, thin, light blonde baby hairs on my fingers and toes.

I am 30 years old but people think I’m either 15, 16 or 18, sometimes they can be very insulting thinking I’m 12 years old. The UK law states that you have to be 16 to buy lottery scratch cards and 18 to use casino slot machines but I always get asked ID, even when purchasing DVDs and video games that are 18+ I still have to get out my citizen card from my wallet and it frustrates me because my ID photo is old, it from when I was 17 years old and I have long hair in the photo.

Obviously I was born female but I started transitioning in 2014, I now have short hair, I wear men’s clothes, men’s shoes, I take a depo injection to stop my periods and I take pills to regulate my testosterone levels but it’s still not enough, I still have a round baby face and my voice has not deepened nor cracked or broken and I’m not growing enough facial hair. I sometimes borrow my mother’s oil to increase hair growth.

Bullying and suicide attempts

For years people have teased me, saying I look like a “fat gay slob”, I was once called a “fat ugly 12 year old n***er”. A teenager on a gothic social networking site told me that I looked like a 5 year old on the forum threads. I’ve always had depression and some of the reasons why self-harmed in the passed is because I hate looking young and I hate people thinking I’m underage. I once took out a knife from it’s container in a supermarket and slit my wrists after I was refused to be served because they thought I was underage, I began sobbing my eyes out because I couldn’t handle it.

My girlfriend luckily looks young too and she loves me for who I am and doesn’t care about my looks and we’re really happy together. 

Andy Milonakis 

Andy Milonakis is an American comedy actor who suffers from GHD. He is well known for his shows on MTV and MTV2. He played Peedy in American Pie 2 and sexually frustrated Justin in Extreme Movie who purchased a men’s sex toy from a sex shop. 

Ralph Macchio

Although not being diagnosed with GHD, Ralph Macchio looked and sound only 14 or 15 in the Karate Kid filn series despite being in his early 20s at the time. Now aged 55 and finally having a deep voice, Ralph Macchio can still be mistaken for a man in his mid 30s or early 40s.

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