People need to stop stereotyping the navy

As a transgender man, I’m all for LGBTQQIP2SAA rights but I think it’s wrong people dressing up as sailors and throwing parties on boats because not everyone in the navy is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender or whatever. There are straight members of the Royal Navy (I say the Royal Navy because I am from the UK) and I don’t like how people think that sailors slept around. 

Before 90s, rumours were flying that sailors were sleeping and that was the reason why a lot of them used condoms. Only a certain amount men (and women as well) had sexual intercourse with several people but there were plenty of members of the military that stayed professional and I find it highly disrespectful that people picture members of the Royal Navy as only promiscuous and gay, I’m sure if any LGBTQQIP2SAA people were to actually visit a navy boat with actual proper military service navy members, they’ll find that there are heterosexual and even happily married sailors.

This blog post is not an attack towards LGBTQQIP2SAA people, it’s to make people realise that not every navy service person is a homosexual and by posing as a sailor and claiming all sailors are gay is actually classed as stereotyping towards the military service.


Award winning British soap opera Hollyoaks goes downhill after 15 years of success

On October 23rd in 1995, Phil Redmond who created Grange Hill & Brookside aired a new soap opera called Hollyoaks, a series focused on lives of people living in a fictional village based in Chester, Cheshire. 

From 1995 – 2010, the series remained a success and a lot of people continued to binge watch the series, especially after Channel 4 created a new channel in the early 2000s called E4 and Hollyoaks began having a sneak peak aka “first look” episode after the actual day episode aired.

Hollyoaks even had spin-off series such as Hollyoaks: Freshers, Hollyoaks: Later which also had a huge number of viewings but what exactly happend to the beloved soap that made people love Channel 4?

[ Luke & Mandy’s wedding ]

[ She’s All That (1999) by Miramax Films ]

There seemed to be a little cock-up in Lime Pictures’ storylines. If you haven’t seen the film She’s All That, maybe now is the best time. As you may know, Hollyoaks has brought back some of the old cast favourites which included Mandy Richardson played by Sarah Jayne Dunn & Luke Morgan played by Gary Lucy. 

During the wedding scene as Mandy was walking upto the aisle and Luke gazed in amazement and hearing the song “Kiss Me” by Sixpence Non the Richer, I couldn’t help but notice that it reminded me of the stairs scene from Miramax’s 1999 teen hit film She’s All That when Freddie Prinze Jr’s character Zack gazed at the beautiful transformed Laney Boggs played by Rachel Leigh Cook, the only thing that was missing was clearly the tripping over the heels part.

Did Lime Pictures Studios run out of ideas for storylines? 

[ Daisy Wood-Davies playing a terrified Kim Butterfield locked up in the school basement ]

Hollyoaks fans are now raging just as much as I am as the beloved creepy Kim has been left trapped in the basement of Hollyoaks High basement. This storyline has pretty much beaten the odds of reality as a lot of people know that no-one can survive 48hrs without consuming any water. In the Daily Star news article and if you look in the comments on Hollyoaks’ videos, fans have slammed Hollyoaks by keeping Kim locked up but again, wouldn’t Kim be dead by now? I surely would of gotten sick of seeing a poster of Rick Astley and living off baked beans and dehydration kills people or being a nurse has Kim learned about survival by drinking her own urine? (Eww!)

Phil Redmond has clearly made a mistake taken on extra writers and producers because Hollyoaks is just no longer the same anymore. 

Further more, Anna Passey who has played the well loved emotionally unstable Sienna Blake is due to be killed off in Hollyoaks as Lime Pictures Studios decide to make Cleo McQueen (played by Nadine Rose Mulkerrin) a psychopath. 

Hollyoaks are now doing what they call “flash forwards” the reverse version of flashbacks. As Myra McQueen played by Nicole Barber-Lane tries a fortune teller scheme at the Dog, clips of some of the characters’ future are shown and much to mine and some other Sienna fans’ disappointment, Sienna dies as Joel, Myra and Cleo attend the burial of Sienna Blake.

[ Joel, Cleo & Myra at Sienna’s burial ]

BUT, Lime Pictures Studios cock-up AGAIN because in the “flash forwards”, you’ll notice that everything is in black and white and you see faint orange words “3 months later”. If you play video games and have played on an Xbox or PlayStation 2, you would of heard of the video game Max Payne. In both the first 2 games and movie starring Mark Wahlberg & Mila Kunis, there are moments where the screen goes black and white and red words will appear saying something like “Two weeks later” or “3 hours later”.

Also, where’s Tony’s old friend Finn gone? Nope, not that Finn, this Finn! 

Last year it was announced that Tony’s old friend Rory “Finn” Finnigan would return to the village and cause some mischief but since the Christmas & New Year’s episodes featuring Finn, he since hasn’t made a single appearance in the village. 
Has Hollyoaks finally been out beaten by their rival soap Emmerdale? Tamara Wall who plays female mobster Grace Black admitted that Hollyoaks is more of a “underdog” series. Could she be right? After all Emmerdale seems to be winning all of the TV awards and Hollyoaks has only won a few in the past years.

Nicki Swift was wrong to bad mouth Drake Bell

Nicki Swift a YouTuber who uploads videos about celebrities and gossip uploaded a video on the 19th of January discussing child stars who apparently lost their fame.

As soon as she got to Drake Bell, I was furious. Drake Bell is NOTHING as Nicki Swift discribed. Caitlyn Jenner maybe transgender but she disagrees with same-sex/gay marriage despite her gender status so I’m not at all surprised that Drake Bell made the comments he did. Even Howard Stern was annoyed with Caitlyn Jenner because obviously Bruce was suffering being in the wrong body and deep down wanted support but as soon as Bruce became Caitlyn, they disagree with LGBT marital rights and this someone who expected to stay married Kris Kardashian after not being honest with the transitioning and went ahead and had a sex change when Kris said she’s straight. 

Drake Bell is NOT a bad person. He performed songs for many children’s TV shows, he has been supporting Thirst Project that provides clean safe water to communities suffering from poverty.

This is a young man who has helped Tots for Toys, a charity that donates toys to families that cannot afford Christmas presents for children. 

He performed at the Strawberry Bowl for Rockin A Cure as a cause for people suffering from cystitis fibrosis which is a very horrible, agonising illness. 

Drake Bell was hilarious in Drake & Josh and yeah he made of had his desputes with Josh Peck but the two celebrities have still remained good friends.

And above all that, Drake Bell is a very talented musician. He’s really good at playing the guitar and he’s an excellent singer.

Drake Bell is a very kind person so I bet if he saw that video, he’d probably would only take it with a pinch of salt and not take any legal action against Nicki Swift. 

As a Drake Bell fan, I believe it was very unfair to expose him like that as there could be many sides to his comment towards Caitlyn Jenner. Just because he made a comment about her being transgender doesn’t mean he is actually homophobic. 

[ A picture of Josh Peck & Drake Bell together after being reunited as friends ]

Drake & Josh have been long-term friends since their teenage years and appeared on the Amanda Show. Drake Bell is even friends with Miranda Cosgrove who played their onscreen sister Meghan Parker and even played the guitar for Miranda’s theme song for her TV series “iCarly” which became a success and lead to spinoff series such as “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat”. 

( Picture has been provided by Google Images™ ) 

Why keeping your cats indoors and training them to walk on a harness is safer

You may not know it but a lot of people today take their cats out for walks just like they do with dogs and it’s a lot safer as well as most cats often end up attacked by foxes, kidnapped by big owls, hurt by territory dogs and hit by cars.

As you’ve probably seen on many YouTube videos, cats are quick learners and can perform tricks like a dog can. I once adopted a black short-haired cat and I managed to train her to play “fetch”, the key was rewarding her for bringing me the toy back, she even thought she was a bird at times as she enjoyed sitting on my shoulder, even when she got too big.

[ a picture of a cat playing fetch ]

A lot of cats have been stolen for breading, some Chinese people even kill cats so they can cook and eat them, some people from European countries cut off their tails and make “lucky charm” keyrings. People even use cat furr for clothing. 

When I was 18 years old, my beloved Sam & Fiagro II went missing but something didn’t add up… My neighbours’ cats were missing as well – A rumour was going around that there was a cat snatcher was on the loose.

In 2016 when I was living in London, my mother contacted me that someone in Croydon was murdering cats then someone copied them and a big massacre broke out. A group of cat killers were murdering loved family pets.

Keeping a cat indoors may make life a little stressful with the smelly cat litter and scratching at the furniture but it’s better to know your cat is alive and annoying you than your cat going missing and you thinking the worse of everything. 

Not all introverts & misanthropes are bad people

So you’ve seen my Tweets, my Facebook status, my YouTube videos and you’re probably thinking “Wow, this Alan guy really is an ass”, but are you 100% correct? Have you read the minds of introverts & misanthropes? Do you know why we’re introverts & misanthropes in the first place?

Why I do despise most humans and prefer the company of animals more?

When was the last time a cat or dog turned around and called you a massive failure and belittled you? 

Since when did you watch two birds shouting and swearing at each other, threatening to hurt each other?

Did a sheep in farm hit you, told you that you were worthless?

The ugly truth of humanity

We humans are:

  1. Greedy.
  2. Selfish.
  3. Needy.
  4. Egotistical. 
  5. Narcissistic. 
  6. Self-centered. 
  7. Rude.
  8. Overpopulating. 
  9. Careless. 
  10. Stubborn.

Need I say more?

I think a lot of people don’t like me because they don’t like my opinions but just because I despise humanity doesn’t mean that I hate almost everyone. 

Misanthropes & introverts surprisingly have a certain amount of people they consider “friends”. I am the same.

If I didn’t have a soul or a heart, I wouldn’t take part in charities or try my best to help other people. Helping people and liking people are two different things.

Believe it or not, there are famous people who are misanthropes, Oscar Wilde is one to be exact. 

You all may know him as the Irish poet and the writer for the well-known novel and eventually the 2010 award winning film adaptation, the Picture of Dorian Gray. 

Oscar Wilde was rebellious and disobedient and one of his quote were:

“Other people are quite dreadful. The only possible society is oneself.” 

I couldn’t of said it quite better myself. 

Just because you exist doesn’t mean someone has to automatically like you and get along with you but I do agree that we can live together on this planet as civilised people but that is only so much disrespect I can only tolerate. If people are rude to me, I’m rude to them back, that’s just the way it is. I was brought up by a hardworking and strict family and one of the things I was told was “Manners cost nothing” and “Treat people how you would wanted to be treated” but so far in life, people have treated me badly so it’s no wonder I’m always cocky, stubborn, short-tempered and harsh towards a lot of people. 

I’ve experienced what no-one should have to go through therefore if life treats me unfair, I’m unfair back.

Why the Big Bang Theory is no longer as popular as it once was before

21 years ago in December, Chuck Lorre brought us the once well loved the Big Bang Theory but what happened? 

Penny (who we don’t even know the last name of) and Amy Farrah Fowler happened! 

Everyone enjoyed how the quirky, misanthropic introvert Sheldon Cooper tries to accept new changes in life and slowly accepts his best friend/roommate Leonard Hofstadter’s on-off girlfriend then goes on weird, funny adventures with his 2 other friends Rajesh Koothrappoli and Howard Wolowitz but then as Sheldon slowly accepted human romantic feelings for his girlfriend Amy and as Leonard got married to Penny, Sheldon Cooper the main lovable character slowly lost his odd, quirky personality and the Big Bang Theory was no longer the same.

Let’s not forget Howard getting married and becoming a father also ruined it for us fans too considering Howard’s “wannabe ladies man” was sort of his trademark. 

Yeah, Melissa Rauch couldn’t look anymore unhappier!

The fact is the Big Bang Theory was more fun when Sheldon was afraid of life, Leonard & Penny sneaking around, Raj not being to speak to women and Howard trying everything he can to sleep with women.

Whoever is now in charge with the storylines, thank you for ruining the Big Bang Theory for us!

Dear Humberside Police

Your officers who arrested on Tuesday, 16th of January called me disgusting. 

I think your force is disgusting. 

Your colleagues body slammed me to the ground knowing I’m epileptic then they hog tied me to cuff me like some pig that you cook on a BBQ, I have arthritis and they shouted at me to get in the van when I clearly was struggling. 

I told them I bruise easily and not to be rough with me.

They asked me what my mum’s number is but they refused to collect my meds & my phones.

When the officers finally agreed to collect my medication, they broke my kitchen door, stole my painkillers, sprayed toilet cleaner in my bathroom sink where I brush my teeth and wash my hands then they destroyed a towel which my dying mother bought me by wiping the toilet cleaner all over the towel.

I’m not made from money, unlike the teenage mothers, unemployed male adolescents, alcoholics and drug users I don’t get much from my benefits and your officers made a mess of my flat which I and others believe was out of spite. 

What you failed to understand is that despite my behavioural problems I AM mentally disabled and classed as a vulnerable adult and your officers treated me disgustingly.

I am challenging, Autism is a challenging form of disability. 

You arrested me because my neighbour accused me of harassment, disturbing the peace, making threats to harm yet most of the people living in my street have problems with her and she is known to be a bully.

What I find more disgusting is the female officer said I lied about my cousin Adam Mark Ganly being killed in 2001 from stab wounds, she said I was making it up for attention. Nearly everyone in Luton & Dunstable knows about his death and in the alleyway next to Argos in Dunstable is a bench made in loving memory of him, HOW DARE YOU CLAIM THAT I USED MY DECEASED COUSIN AS ATTENTION SEEKING. I was merely making a point saying I wouldn’t hurt anyone because of that experience. I have no history of violence, only self-defense.

Your police force are a disgrace to not just England but the Queen.

When I’m in court, I’ll be bringing all this up.

I’m sick of police officers treating me like trash just because I am challenging, Google “Autism” because Autism IS a challenging disability you ignorant, shallow, disabled-phobe, incompetent, brut coppers!

And yes, I’ll be uploading a video on YouTube telling the world how vile you are just as well as writing to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II because you work for her.

I think regardless what someone is arrested for, the police should take it easy on people who are disabled or have serious medical conditions. 

Innocent people get arrested everyday and if they don’t get convicted it’s not very fair if they get handled very badly, hurt or treated poorly.

Yes there are paedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves etc but under the UK Law of human compassion, it’s classed as police brutality to physically harm a suspect.

Ibuprofen aka Advil is actually good for your blood

Many patients question about taking certain medications and rumours have it that Ibuprofen (commonly known as “Advil” in the United States) is bad for your body but let’s take a second here and listen to what an actual NHS consultant has told me… 

Here’s 3 amazing facts about Ibuprofen: 

  1. Ibuprofen reduces inflammation so it helps with swelling to any type of injury.
  2. Ibuprofen is a fast acting pain relief medicine that is known to reduce migraines within less of an hour.
  3. Ibuprofen helps your blood to clot. So if you’re a person who has a condition where your blood has trouble clotting, maybe try taking some Ibuprofen, it may work wonders.

Being asthmatic, I have been advised not to take Ibuprofen but Ibuprofen doesn’t affect my asthma at all. Ibuprofen affects asthmatics differently and with the awful migraines I suffer with, paracetamol, codeine & diazepam just really isn’t enough to help me. 

Be sure to ask your doctor more about the great miracles of Ibuprofen and you’ll be surprised about the results. 

[ Photo credit ; Google Images™ ]

Probably the saddest blog you’ll ever read

After everything I’ve endured in my life, knowing my medical history, I don’t think I’ll be able to find true love. 

I’m getting older, I’m 30 and both my siblings are married, even my cousin who is younger than me is engaged and had a baby.

What woman would want a man who is transgender? What woman would want a man with a round face and pale white skin? What woman would want a man who is a computer geek? 

Besides, I’m overweight and my friends live back in Luton, I have no friends in Hull.

I’ve decided to take a vow of celibacy, I give up on love…

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Seven Greatest Medical TV Shows of All Time

  1. Casualty. First aired on the 6th of September in 1986 on BBC1 with the first episode “Gas”. Although this programme was just a tester, so many people watched it and campaigned to the BBC to keep it running. 
  2. ER (Emergency Room). You’d probably say it was like the American version of Casualty. Originally aired by NBC back in September 1994, ER was proven to become a successful medical drama but unfortunately after the beloved character Dr. Greene was killed off, the ratings dropped down and Warner Bros. Studios decided to cancel the series.
  3. Holby City. As you may notice in Casualty the word “Holby City” is mentioned a lot and inside/outside the building there’s signs saying “Holby City Hospital NHS Trust”, that’s because the hospital is named after the fictional city but what is the difference between Holby City & Casualty? Well, many years ago people nicknamed the A&E department as “Casualty”, each time somebody was sick or hurt someone would say “They’re in casualty” and normally when people report accidents in the public outdoors they say “Casualties”, either way the person/people end up in A&E whereas Holby City the spin-off series of Casualty is more focused on the hospital wards & the relationships with the staff & patients rather than A&E accidents. Since the early 2000s, Holby City has been proven to become more popular than Casualty but without Casualty there would be no Holby City which is why Charlie Fairhead is the profile picture of my Casualty & Holby City Facebook fan page. 
  4. House M.D. Based on the misanthropic introvert head of diagnostic of medicine doctor Gregory House. Some would say he is a lot like Casualty’s consultant Dr. Dylan Keogh as they both assume they’re the Sherlock Holmes of medicine and both dislike the company of other people. This series was run from November 16th, 2004 till the 21st of May 2012.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy. You may recognise a lot of the actors and actresses from this medical romantic-drama season who have had huge movie title roles such as Patrick Dempsey and Katherine Heigl. Grey’s Anatomy is a lot more like Holby City as a lot of “awkward encounters” have occurred in the series and just like Holby City, the season focuses on the entire hospital and not just the emergency department. The name “Grey’s Anatomy” comes from the last name of the main title character “Meredith Grey” and “Anatomy” comes from the book of “Human Anatomy” that studies the human body as this is definitely a romantic as well as medical drama seasons and there has definitely been a lot body organ studies between Meredith & Derek. The season first aired on the 27th of March on the ABC network and is still currently running on Disney-ABC Domestic Television. 
  6. General Hospital. GH has been running far longer than Casualty & ER both together. It has been listed in the book of Guinness World Rocords as along with Coronation street as the most long-running soap opera TV series ever to be aired on TV as GH has been running on TV since April 1st, 1963 (6 months before my mother was born) and it is still running today. The reason this TV series is listed last is because although I’ve watched many episodes of GH, it’s not considered my favourite. Unlike the other 5, GH focuses on both the hospital and relationships meaning it shows non-hospital scenes sometimes.
  7. Doogie Howser M.D. I’ve never watched this American medical comedy series but many people have told me it is amazing (or was considering it was aired during the 80s). You may recognise Neil Patrick Harris as the womaniser from How I Met Your Mother but when Harris was a child he had a lead role playing a child doctor. After surviving early stage pediatric Leukaemia twice and being a quick learner, Howser begins studying hard and finishing medical school at 14 years old becoming the youngest licensed doctor in the US. This series ran from September ’89 to March ’93.

    [ Photo credit ; Google Images™ ] 

    So if you have a secret desire to become a doctor or nurse, maybe a paramedic or just generally love medical shows, try looking these up on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer or NOW TV and see which one you enjoy most.