10 facts you probably never knew about me

  1. I communicate with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 
  2. I met former X Factor contestant Chico Slimani at the O2 store in Enfield Town 
  3. I had a near death experience around September in either 2011 or 2012
  4. Despite my English accent, I was actually born in Dundee in Scotland 
  5. I speak Mandarin Chinese 
  6. I share the same birthday as WWE wrestler Paul “HHH” Levesque and martial arts actor Donnie Yen
  7. I’m half European and half British – I’m 12.5% Italian, 12.5% Irish, 12.5% Scottish and 62.5% English
  8. Although I was born on July, 27 in 1987, I was a premature baby and was supposed to be born on August, 26 in 1987
  9. I broke my right ankle in July 2013 and the bone has never healed properly and I suffer from arthritis in the ankle
  10. I can communicate with cats – Despite my allergies, I always loved animals and cats are one of my most favourites and I once studied cat vocals and observed their body language, slow blinks and purring gives a cat a positive vibe that you’re a friendly, welcoming presence 

12 Best places to be in England, UK

  1. Barnet General Hospital: Sure there’s a long wait but the doctors and nurses are excellent, especially with people who have learning disabilities or mental illness. There is a 24hr bus that goes directly to Barnet General Hospital. The hospital is very clean and safe.
  2. The Galaxy Centre (Luton): Luton Town may not be the ideal place to live or even visit but it sure does have a fantastic arcade centre. From pool/snooker tables and bowling alleys to video games and casino slot machines along with a mini bar, a family friendly burger diner and a cinema.
  3. Waterstones (Enfield): A big book store with friendly cashiers and many varieties of genres to set your eyes and glasses on. 
  4. Starbucks (Enfield): It may be small and it may be a long que to wait in line with but the staff are excellent and there’s free WiFi. I once was in a hurry to get my breakfast and whilst in a taxi, I knocked my drink over. The store manager understood my situation and granted me a free drink! 
  5. schuh (Luton): From Vans slip ons and DC skateboarding trainers to All Star Hi Top Chuck Taylor’s Converse sneakers. Expensive but great taste.
  6. BadRhino (Hull): Great men’s clothing for all different sizes. Shirts as cheap as £20.00 and jeans or trousers for at least £18.00. This is a great place to buy clothes if you’re a man who is big and tall.
  7. The Castle Tavern (Luton): I no longer drink alcohol but for those who enjoy a Friday or Saturday night quiet drink, live music, having a meal or playing pool/snooker, the Castle Tavern is where it’s at!
  8. Oakwood Palace (Oakwood, N14): If you love Chinese food and beautiful oriental furniture, Oakwood Palace is the restaurant for you!
  9. Jimmy’s Restaurant (Luton): If you love more than Chinese food, Jimmy’s Restaurant has food from all other countries and continents, from Mexico, Japan, Italy, Spain, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Thailand. 
  10. Del Gelato (Hull): If you love Italy and enjoy waffles and pancakes with ice cream and syrup, you might want to take a bite at Del Gelato.
  11. The Deep (Hull): The Deep has been known to be the most popular aquarium attraction in East Yorkshire. It’s one of the largest and very interesting aquariums you’d ever seen. 
  12. Luton Army & Navy Surplus: Army & Navy has been in Luton for a very long time and has the best selling army clothing and camping equipment to buy. I bought a great long green rain coat, a pair of thermal gloves and dog tags.

    If you ever visit England, be sure to visit these places.

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    I was one of YouTube’s most hated members

    Before people began subscribing to me and commenting nice things, I was actually one of the most hated members of YouTube.

    I expressed a lot of opinions people disagree with, even now a lot of people don’t like what I say.

    Why did people hate me?

    1. I admire Buddhist principles. 
    2. I support the Labour Party. 
    3. I dislike Chavs (aka Gangsters, Neds, Millies).
    4. I stood up for myself. 
    5. I am always correct.
    6. I embarrass other people. 
    7. I’m a fan of Gregory Jackson (Onision).
    8. I support charities (i.e. British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK).
    9. I uploaded reviews for TV soap operas.
    10. I’m original. 

    People found these 10 old habits of mine intimidating and still do.

    Why am I not a threat these days?

    Mostly because I changed my username and because I am always honest, a lot of people respect honesty, I was brave enough to tell the world how I felt and tried my best not to let the negative feedback get to me. I once did snapped when I had a mental health crisis but I got over it.

    Am I offensive?

    Yes and no. The reason it’s a 50-50 answer is because I have different beliefs to others. It’s not that I actually want to offend anyone it’s because I will without even trying. I’m an antisocial, misanthropic, introvert proud supporter of the Labour Party, put me in a room with an inbred, extrovert, philanthropist Republican and I guarantee that a fight will break out.

    Why do I despise Republicans and Conservatives?

    Despite my European roots, I was raised in England by a working class family, England has always been a working class country. Theresa May and Arlene Foster are making England a duplicate of America but England is not America. Even Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is embarrassed by our Prime Minister. Our Queen has always wanted our country to be fair and have equal rights. Labour almost won, if they had teamed up with the Liberal Democrats, there could have been more success. Our NHS is more of huge concern to me though but I am planning to donate to the NHS to help keep it public, if we go private, lots of doctors and nurses lose control of their salary, we’ll have to pay for our medical care and treatment. 

    Am I a Buddhist?

    Not at all, I consider myself a Zen Anglican Christian meaning I attend the Church of England, pray to God or Jesus and worship them but I just practice some of the Buddhists principles. What many people do not realise is that the Buddha aka Siddhartha said himself that he was not a God, he was a civilian just like us. Buddhism to me is just a lifestyle practice but many people have different opinions. 

    Why am I very hostile?

    I haven’t exactly had the best life, I mean I lost a lot of great friends I’ve known since school and then I lost a few family members too. A lot of people can’t see it but I have Asperger’s Syndrome (a form of Autistic Spectrum Disorder) so my brain makes me behave differently towards various lifestyle situations. I find it difficult to trust other people due to a number of unfortunate events. People have taken advantage of me, I was abused and hurt and trusting people is a difficult decision for me to make now. When you’ve lived your life in environment that makes you feel worthless and miserable, you automatically become hostile.

    What are my goals for the future? 

    I have once again retired from YouTube, I’ve also quit sharing my spoilers for Holby City and Casualty. I’m going to focus on what I do best: Art. I am going to make my own comic books again. I’ve never published any but I hope I get to someday and I want to share my profits with charities and the NHS. 

    Sinéad O’Connor: Secrets Of a Broken Woman

    In the heartbreaking Facebook video, Sinéad O’Connor expressed how lonely, heartbroken and depressed she was and just recently she sought help from Dr. Phil a television psychiatrist. 

    During her interview with Dr. Phil, it was revealed that Sinéad O’Connor had suffered more than a hestorectomy, losing a son, losing her mother, feeling isolated all the time, having so many failed marriages and relationships, losing her best friend and former singer Prince, Sinéad’s mother wasn’t all as great as the Irish rock star made out to be, her mother was abusive all physically, emotionally and even sexually.

    Sinéad O’Connor’s father had actually turned out to be the Pope in the picture she tore up on the Saturday Night Live show and Sinéad wasn’t just sexually abused by her mother, lots of men who she didn’t know attacked her at a young age up till her teens. The abuse lead O’Connor to cut her hair short and not dress feminine, not just because she believed women singers should dress however they want but to avoid being sexually assaulted. 

    Music wasn’t just a career, it was Sinéad’s way to escape from her past and inner pain. She believed if she sang and played her guitar, she’d go to heaven because of all the horrible things her mother told her.

    Having a hestorectomy tortured Sinéad O’Connor for a long time emotionally. Sinéad’s mother would stamp or kick her genitalia and would try to damage her ovaries because she said she “hated” her and she was “ugly” and wanted her to be a boy. When Sinéad O’Connor had her hestorectomy, she felt like her mother won and got what she’d hope for.

    As well as finding out the Pope who abused children was her father and having to hide the abuse she suffered from her mother as a child, Sinéad’s ex-husband refuses to let her see her own son.

    Dr. Phil has managed to arrange O’Connor to stay at a beautiful facility where she’ll be treated for her depression. 

    So far, Sinéad O’Connor is doing better and has now changed her name to “Magda Davitt”.

    She did however upload one video showing concern for a patient’s safety inside the facility she is/was staying at stating the rooms are all unlocked, the staff are always asleep and no-one is oncall when someone is having suicidal tendencies but O’Connor appeared more calm and not tearful throughout the video.

    (Dr. Phil interviewing Sinéad O’Connor) 

    (Sinéad O’Connor listening to Dr. Phil) 

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    Are you using the right toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwashes?

    When you shop, you want to budget your money and go for the best deal right?

    What if I said some expensive toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwashes are actually worth buying? 

    My mother recently bought me for my 30th birthday an Oral B pro-expert electronic toothbrush. I use both Oral B pro-expert and Beverley Hills Formular toothpaste. They both protect and whiten my teeth.

    Sensodyne has several toothpastes that specialises in different dental treatment. They have pro-enamel which protects your tooth strength, they acid protection so the toothpaste removes any acids from food and drink and then you have repair & protect which fixes any damages to your teeth. 

    Colgate have Total Care which provides all different types of dental treatment. 

    Corisol mouthwashes are well known to treat all gum problems, including gingivitis and thrush.

    Beverley Hills Formular toothpaste whitens my teeth and removes stains. Oral B pro-expert repairs and protects my teeth. My electronic toothbrush makes brushing my teeth easier and it has multi floss action.

    So is it worth paying a little extra so you can have excellent teeth? I say yes!

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    Sinéad O’Connor

    As you know, Sinéad O’Connor is a pop singer from the Republic Of Ireland and is well-known for her re-make of Prince’s song “Nothing Compares 2 U” which she dedicated to her son that she lost.

    Nothing Compares 2 U 

    Although dedicated to her son, the tears O’Connor let out in the music video were because she was grieving for her mother who had died in a car accident in the mid 80s.

    So why is Sinéad O’Connor depressed? 

    • O’Connor had a long-term relationship with late funk Rn’B singer Prince Rogers Nelson. Prince died from an accidental drug overdose last year in April and even though O’Connor and Prince were no longer together, Prince was always her best friend. 
    • O’Connor was bullied for so many years for having a shaved head and was accused of being a lesbian despite being married several times to men, being a mother, being an Irish Catholic and is a church minister. 
    • In 1985, O’Connor’s mother was involved in a car accident and died due to fatal injuries. 
    • Sinéad O’Connor’s son went missing and was never found and was presumed “dead”, O’Connor’s re-make of “Nothing Compares 2 U” was dedicated to her son despite the song lyrics being about a relationship. 
    • O’Connor can no longer have any children because she had to have a hysterectomy due to endless gynaecological problems 

    I think it’s fair to say Sinéad O’Connor has been through so much pain in her life that she is no longer able to cope with the emotional turmoil. 

    Recently O’Connor uploaded a video to Facebook saying how suicidal she felt because she’s so lonely and she feels like life is unbearable. Fans were devastated. 

    Will Sinéad O’Connor survive?

    O’Connor may be severely depressed but I know deep down she can beat this. She’s one of the strongest female celebrities I know and if there’s something I definitely know well about O’Connor is that she loves her fans, family and friends and she won’t give up on them, that being said: She’s very spiritual, she’s dedicated to her faith, she won’t give up without a fight!

    Here is a beautiful photo of the talented Irish singer

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    999: What’s Your Emergency?

    Last night at 9pm, I watched an episode of Channel4’s 999 What’s Your Emergency and I was really shocked by how an officer was trying to restrain a suspect. The suspect with the knife was already apprehended by another officer but a different officer was ‘punching’ another suspect in the back who was unarmed.

    Due to my mental health, I have been arrested many times by police officers and they were violent towards me to the point I’d go home with bruises on my limbs.

    Do the police need such force?

    They have a right to be firm and strict but NOT violent. I once was told to “piss off” by a female officer after trying to take pain killers. 

    The attitude and violence is unnecessary. The suspects on the programme last night looked only 20 or 19 years old, they’re technically kids!

    If someone is hiding their hand and is resisting arrest, the police should just firmly (not roughly) pin the suspect down and calmly talk to them to try and reason with them in order to get them to willingly be escorted to the police station without a confrontation. Violence or aggression is not needed.

    (An officer making an arrest)

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    Autism Alliance UK now has a Facebook group

    As you know, I have started my own free UK charity called Autism Alliance UK to help spread awareness for teenagers and adults with learning disabilities and mental illness and to help put an end to the stereotyping of the symptoms of Autism. 

    Now AAUK has a Facebook group as well as a page. 

    To visit and join the group please click this link here!

    © Autism Alliance UK Limited 

    I have Growth Hormone Deficiency

    Growth Hormone Deficiency is when your body is not producing enough of hormones to give you more puberty and you may look like teenager but not an adult. When it’s men, usually they have a hard time growing a full beard, I can only grow a small stubble and small sideburns. I don’t have chest hair but I have hair elsewhere (underarms/armpits, groin/pubic region, legs and arms). Men as adults are supposed to have some chest hair, more hair on the feet and fingers. Right now I have small, thin, light blonde baby hairs on my fingers and toes.

    I am 30 years old but people think I’m either 15, 16 or 18, sometimes they can be very insulting thinking I’m 12 years old. The UK law states that you have to be 16 to buy lottery scratch cards and 18 to use casino slot machines but I always get asked ID, even when purchasing DVDs and video games that are 18+ I still have to get out my citizen card from my wallet and it frustrates me because my ID photo is old, it from when I was 17 years old and I have long hair in the photo.

    Obviously I was born female but I started transitioning in 2014, I now have short hair, I wear men’s clothes, men’s shoes, I take a depo injection to stop my periods and I take pills to regulate my testosterone levels but it’s still not enough, I still have a round baby face and my voice has not deepened nor cracked or broken and I’m not growing enough facial hair. I sometimes borrow my mother’s oil to increase hair growth.

    Bullying and suicide attempts

    For years people have teased me, saying I look like a “fat gay slob”, I was once called a “fat ugly 12 year old n***er”. A teenager on a gothic social networking site told me that I looked like a 5 year old on the forum threads. I’ve always had depression and some of the reasons why self-harmed in the passed is because I hate looking young and I hate people thinking I’m underage. I once took out a knife from it’s container in a supermarket and slit my wrists after I was refused to be served because they thought I was underage, I began sobbing my eyes out because I couldn’t handle it.

    My girlfriend luckily looks young too and she loves me for who I am and doesn’t care about my looks and we’re really happy together. 

    Andy Milonakis 

    Andy Milonakis is an American comedy actor who suffers from GHD. He is well known for his shows on MTV and MTV2. He played Peedy in American Pie 2 and sexually frustrated Justin in Extreme Movie who purchased a men’s sex toy from a sex shop. 

    Ralph Macchio

    Although not being diagnosed with GHD, Ralph Macchio looked and sound only 14 or 15 in the Karate Kid filn series despite being in his early 20s at the time. Now aged 55 and finally having a deep voice, Ralph Macchio can still be mistaken for a man in his mid 30s or early 40s.

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    Was Diana’s death fate?

    20 years ago, Diana Spencer the former wife of Prince Charles the prince of Wales and first born child of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had died from fatal injuries followed by a car crash in Paris after the alcohol intoxicated driver lost control of the car steering wheel whilst trying to avoid the French paparazzi on motorcycles who were taking photographs of our once beloved Princess of Wales and Queen of our hearts.

    But was it her time to leave the troubled world she was living after her stressful divorce from Prince Charles? Diana had been heartbroken and mentally unwell after Charles’ affair with Camilla Parker Bowles and the divorce along with the never-ending paparazzi stealing her freedom and privacy. 

    Diana was bulimic and self-harmed

    Not a lot of fans of Princess Diana knew she was suffering because she suffered in silence. In an interview, she stated her anger, sadness and frustration and admitted that she was hurting herself because she didn’t want to hurt anybody else. With Charles’ constant pursing of Camilla and negligence of Diana, Diana felt unwanted and unattractive and believed she wasn’t good enough for Charles nor the actual royal family so she began the self-harming and making herself sick after food believing she was overweight and felt like her relationship had failed. 

    Diana was doomed before the end

    Even after moving on and finding new people, Diana still suffered. She met and fell in love with British-Pakistani heart and lung surgeon Hasnat Khan but their relationship soured after Diana’s invasion of privacy and continuous rumours about Mr. Khan & Diana’s relationship. Diana decided to terminate the relationship due to the paparazzi stalking her and causing stress for Mr. Khan. Although Diana was then a new woman and was bright, radiant and confident, life was still difficult. 

    Diana had no freedom, no privacy and the press were giving her a bad name. She did everything in her power to control everything but it still wasn’t enough to give Diana peace.

    Diana’s fate

    On the 31st of August, 1997, after leaving Hôtel Ritz Paris with bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones, then boyfriend Dodi Fayed and chauffeur Henri Paul, whilst driving through a tunnel 12:23am, alcohol intoxicated Henri Paul lost control of his steering wheel whilst motorcyclists were photographing Diana and Paul swerved and the car spun around and the back of the car hit the wall of the tunnel, fatally injuring himself, Diana and Dodi Fayed. Dodi Fayed was pronounced dead on arrival at 1:32am, Henri was already dead after the fire brigade removed him from the vehicle, Diana remained strong despite her condition slowly deteriorating, she went into cardiac arrest at 1:00am but was resuscitated and taken away in a SAMU ambulance by 1:18am. Diana arrived at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital at 2:06am but regardless of Diana’s strong will and the medical staff’s attempts to keep our princess alive, Diana’s condition went from bad to worse. She was pronounced dead at 4:00am. Trevor Rees-Jones survived but was devastated and suffered permanent damage from the car crash.

    Would Diana’s life be different if she was still alive?

    I discussed this with my mother as we both adore Diana and loved her but unfortunately we both agreed that if Diana had still been alive, she would have still been heartbroken and unhappy as she had no freedom, no privacy and no chance at true love.

    Most of the pictures I find of Diana show a sad, broken young woman but in this photo, I see a bright, happy, cheerful queen of people’s hearts. 

    Photo credit: Google Images™