Dear Humberside Police

Your officers who arrested on Tuesday, 16th of January called me disgusting. 

I think your force is disgusting. 

Your colleagues body slammed me to the ground knowing I’m epileptic then they hog tied me to cuff me like some pig that you cook on a BBQ, I have arthritis and they shouted at me to get in the van when I clearly was struggling. 

I told them I bruise easily and not to be rough with me.

They asked me what my mum’s number is but they refused to collect my meds & my phones.

When the officers finally agreed to collect my medication, they broke my kitchen door, stole my painkillers, sprayed toilet cleaner in my bathroom sink where I brush my teeth and wash my hands then they destroyed a towel which my dying mother bought me by wiping the toilet cleaner all over the towel.

I’m not made from money, unlike the teenage mothers, unemployed male adolescents, alcoholics and drug users I don’t get much from my benefits and your officers made a mess of my flat which I and others believe was out of spite. 

What you failed to understand is that despite my behavioural problems I AM mentally disabled and classed as a vulnerable adult and your officers treated me disgustingly.

I am challenging, Autism is a challenging form of disability. 

You arrested me because my neighbour accused me of harassment, disturbing the peace, making threats to harm yet most of the people living in my street have problems with her and she is known to be a bully.

What I find more disgusting is the female officer said I lied about my cousin Adam Mark Ganly being killed in 2001 from stab wounds, she said I was making it up for attention. Nearly everyone in Luton & Dunstable knows about his death and in the alleyway next to Argos in Dunstable is a bench made in loving memory of him, HOW DARE YOU CLAIM THAT I USED MY DECEASED COUSIN AS ATTENTION SEEKING. I was merely making a point saying I wouldn’t hurt anyone because of that experience. I have no history of violence, only self-defense.

Your police force are a disgrace to not just England but the Queen.

When I’m in court, I’ll be bringing all this up.

I’m sick of police officers treating me like trash just because I am challenging, Google “Autism” because Autism IS a challenging disability you ignorant, shallow, disabled-phobe, incompetent, brut coppers!

And yes, I’ll be uploading a video on YouTube telling the world how vile you are just as well as writing to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II because you work for her.

I think regardless what someone is arrested for, the police should take it easy on people who are disabled or have serious medical conditions. 

Innocent people get arrested everyday and if they don’t get convicted it’s not very fair if they get handled very badly, hurt or treated poorly.

Yes there are paedophiles, rapists, murderers, thieves etc but under the UK Law of human compassion, it’s classed as police brutality to physically harm a suspect.


Ibuprofen aka Advil is actually good for your blood

Many patients question about taking certain medications and rumours have it that Ibuprofen (commonly known as “Advil” in the United States) is bad for your body but let’s take a second here and listen to what an actual NHS consultant has told me… 

Here’s 3 amazing facts about Ibuprofen: 

  1. Ibuprofen reduces inflammation so it helps with swelling to any type of injury.
  2. Ibuprofen is a fast acting pain relief medicine that is known to reduce migraines within less of an hour.
  3. Ibuprofen helps your blood to clot. So if you’re a person who has a condition where your blood has trouble clotting, maybe try taking some Ibuprofen, it may work wonders.

Being asthmatic, I have been advised not to take Ibuprofen but Ibuprofen doesn’t affect my asthma at all. Ibuprofen affects asthmatics differently and with the awful migraines I suffer with, paracetamol, codeine & diazepam just really isn’t enough to help me. 

Be sure to ask your doctor more about the great miracles of Ibuprofen and you’ll be surprised about the results. 

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Probably the saddest blog you’ll ever read

After everything I’ve endured in my life, knowing my medical history, I don’t think I’ll be able to find true love. 

I’m getting older, I’m 30 and both my siblings are married, even my cousin who is younger than me is engaged and had a baby.

What woman would want a man who is transgender? What woman would want a man with a round face and pale white skin? What woman would want a man who is a computer geek? 

Besides, I’m overweight and my friends live back in Luton, I have no friends in Hull.

I’ve decided to take a vow of celibacy, I give up on love…

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Seven Greatest Medical TV Shows of All Time

  1. Casualty. First aired on the 6th of September in 1986 on BBC1 with the first episode “Gas”. Although this programme was just a tester, so many people watched it and campaigned to the BBC to keep it running. 
  2. ER (Emergency Room). You’d probably say it was like the American version of Casualty. Originally aired by NBC back in September 1994, ER was proven to become a successful medical drama but unfortunately after the beloved character Dr. Greene was killed off, the ratings dropped down and Warner Bros. Studios decided to cancel the series.
  3. Holby City. As you may notice in Casualty the word “Holby City” is mentioned a lot and inside/outside the building there’s signs saying “Holby City Hospital NHS Trust”, that’s because the hospital is named after the fictional city but what is the difference between Holby City & Casualty? Well, many years ago people nicknamed the A&E department as “Casualty”, each time somebody was sick or hurt someone would say “They’re in casualty” and normally when people report accidents in the public outdoors they say “Casualties”, either way the person/people end up in A&E whereas Holby City the spin-off series of Casualty is more focused on the hospital wards & the relationships with the staff & patients rather than A&E accidents. Since the early 2000s, Holby City has been proven to become more popular than Casualty but without Casualty there would be no Holby City which is why Charlie Fairhead is the profile picture of my Casualty & Holby City Facebook fan page. 
  4. House M.D. Based on the misanthropic introvert head of diagnostic of medicine doctor Gregory House. Some would say he is a lot like Casualty’s consultant Dr. Dylan Keogh as they both assume they’re the Sherlock Holmes of medicine and both dislike the company of other people. This series was run from November 16th, 2004 till the 21st of May 2012.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy. You may recognise a lot of the actors and actresses from this medical romantic-drama season who have had huge movie title roles such as Patrick Dempsey and Katherine Heigl. Grey’s Anatomy is a lot more like Holby City as a lot of “awkward encounters” have occurred in the series and just like Holby City, the season focuses on the entire hospital and not just the emergency department. The name “Grey’s Anatomy” comes from the last name of the main title character “Meredith Grey” and “Anatomy” comes from the book of “Human Anatomy” that studies the human body as this is definitely a romantic as well as medical drama seasons and there has definitely been a lot body organ studies between Meredith & Derek. The season first aired on the 27th of March on the ABC network and is still currently running on Disney-ABC Domestic Television. 
  6. General Hospital. GH has been running far longer than Casualty & ER both together. It has been listed in the book of Guinness World Rocords as along with Coronation street as the most long-running soap opera TV series ever to be aired on TV as GH has been running on TV since April 1st, 1963 (6 months before my mother was born) and it is still running today. The reason this TV series is listed last is because although I’ve watched many episodes of GH, it’s not considered my favourite. Unlike the other 5, GH focuses on both the hospital and relationships meaning it shows non-hospital scenes sometimes.
  7. Doogie Howser M.D. I’ve never watched this American medical comedy series but many people have told me it is amazing (or was considering it was aired during the 80s). You may recognise Neil Patrick Harris as the womaniser from How I Met Your Mother but when Harris was a child he had a lead role playing a child doctor. After surviving early stage pediatric Leukaemia twice and being a quick learner, Howser begins studying hard and finishing medical school at 14 years old becoming the youngest licensed doctor in the US. This series ran from September ’89 to March ’93.

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    So if you have a secret desire to become a doctor or nurse, maybe a paramedic or just generally love medical shows, try looking these up on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer or NOW TV and see which one you enjoy most.

    Why family members , neighbours & close friends are better babysitters

    You hear it on the news, you see videos of it online and no matter how many teddy cameras you’ll buy or how many star ratings a childcare website gets, your children are never safe enough unless someone who knows them very well is looking after them. 

    Hiring a new nanny could lead to problems such as:

    1. Giving the child the wrong medication. 
    2. Feeding the child something they’re allergic to.
    3. Being tricked into letting the child do something they’re not allowed.

    Many baby sitters who are great with children have accidentally given a child wrong medication or let them eat something that they’re allergic to. If it’s an older child, a teenager for example, they could lie to the nanny saying “Yeah, my mother let’s me stay out till midnight” and it could be a teenage girl who’s in a relationship with a man old enough to be her father and he could rape or worse, kill her and the nanny will get the blame. 

    So to all you single mothers or fathers or parents who work a lot, get your best friend, next-door neighbour or a family member to babysit your children as it’s far more safer.

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    Why dieting is bad for diabetic people

    Because Type 1 Diabetics and some Type 2s rely on insulin injections, they need all the nutritional value they can get and a lot of people who have been on many dieting clubs such as Slim World Weight Watchers, SlimFast etc have complained that they’ve been starving and ended up caving in and eating inbetween meals. 

    A SlimFast milkshake may be ideal for a regular person if they’re running late for school, work or college and need a quick breakfast but it doesn’t have enough to fill up a diabetic person. 

    Many people think Type 2 Diabetic people cannot reduce their glucose levels, well THEY CAN! 

    In 2016, I had no idea why I was waking up in the middle of the night sweating, shaking, having blurred vision and feeling weak, dehydrated and starving and the only place I knew that was open 24hrs that had food was McDonald’s (bad choice but it was my only hope) and as soon as I consumed everything, my body returned to normal and I could return back to sleep. 
    A lot of people automatically think that all diabetic people are fat, that’s a lie because I know a lot of diabetic people who aren’t fat, the only most likely overweight diabetic people are usually Type 2 but some Type 2 Diabetic people aren’t fat either but because Type 2 is mostly brought on by overeating, that’s why a large number of Type 2 Diabetics are overweight. 

    I’m Type 2 but Diabetes runs in my family and I’m overweight because I have an old ankle injury and cannot exercise as much, also I have a hormone imbalance, my thyroid is a little underactive but not underactive enough for treatment, also I’ve always been a bit chubby, a lot of the people in my father’s family are overweight.

    Being overweight can also be a genetic problem, my brother and sister share a different father and a lot of people in my brother & sister’s family are very slim, some are in an athletic shape. My brother can consume a lot of food and not gain a pound and I envy him so much, I would do anything to have a body like his but just like me he has medical conditions as well.

    Making a Type 2 Diabetic vegan would probably kill them and I think the vegan is absolutely insane because the law of the nature is in fact that we kill and eat other in order to survive. A lion will hunt his prey and eat it to survive, he’ll bring leftovers to the lioness and his cubs to provide for his family to keep the animal kingdom alive. Even boars hunt and kill for food. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I love cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea-pigs etc just as much as the next person so I wouldn’t eat pet like meat but I need red meat as I lack iron and I need milk because I lack vitamin B & D.

    Most diets focus on calories but they also restrict you from everything you need.

    Chocolate has been proven increase your memory, cocoa butter is a good food source to increase your memory just like blueberries and nuts do.

    My diabetes does play up from time to time but so far I have it under good control, I eat whatever I like but I do in moderation. 

    If I’m thirsty, I drink a lot of pure fruit juice and water. I eat only 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch & dinner), it’s not huge portions but I make sure it’s enough too keep me full throughout the day so I don’t binge it.

    I sometimes treat myself to a few sweets but they’re usually small stuff that has natural flavours and sugars.

    The only people who should diet are people who are dangerously overweight as in they live in their bedrooms and can’t leave the house but not a diabetic person as they can affect their glucose levels. 
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    Will India be the first person to be evicted from the CBB house?

    Well for starters, who the heck is India? India Willoughby rose to fame as she is the first Male-to-Female Transgender Woman journalist and news broadcaster. 

    Since presenting her all female talk show, a lot of women worldwide respected her but what about the India in the Celebrity Big Brother house?

    [ India on Loose Women in 2016 ]

    So far, India has: 

    1. Bullied the elderly women in the house. 
    2. Sexually harassed the male housemates.
    3. Insulted Shane Gilberto Jenek on being Pansexual, Gender Queer and a Drag Queen.
    4. Complained about the most littlest things. 

    The big question is: Will India be the first person to be evicted from the CBB house? 

    Answer: With her attitude, yes.

    [ Me, Alan Christopher ]

    Everyone has a story about their transition, everyone gets misgendered all the time, it’s not a big deal! The truth is no matter how much surgery I’ll have, I’ll never be 100% male because I was born with the opposite reproduction organs. If you were born with ovaries and a womb, you will be always be medically termed a Female. Same with Transgender women as harsh as it seems. I have not had the full works done so I actually prefer people to refer me to a female until I’m complete with my transition but people need to remember that older people see masculine people with short hair as men and feminine people with long hair as women, I was born in the late 80s and grew up in the 90s and early 2000s so I would probably do the same. 

    My family, my school/college friends refer me by my birth name and to be honest it doesn’t bother me because that’s who they know me as, my new friends or online friends know me as Alan Christopher. 

    India has been very unreasonable, heterosexual CIS people have rights too, I’m a human rights campaigner as well as an animal rights campaigner and India’s treatment of the other housemates disgusted me beyond belief! She referred Ann, Rachel & Amanda as “the OAP Mafia”, she thinks Courtney aka Shane Gilberto Jenek is ridiculous for being Pansexual, Gender Queer and a Drag Queen. 

    Right now, CBB is hosted in England which is a Democracy and not a Republican country so everyone has freedom of speech so Ann, Rachel, Amanda & Courtney can say a lot to India.

    Yes, transitioning isn’t easy and can be emotional but India has already had the surgery, most people already establish that she is now a woman but why go on complaining about it? It’s all over with! Most of my friends who are transgender tell me they’d rather forget their transition story and move on with their lives, maybe India should as well!

    [ Shane Gilberto Jenek aka “Courtney Act” ]

    I honestly think Shane is brave coming onto the CBB stage dressed as a woman, telling everyone how happy he is that he’s gender queer, pansexual, a drag queen and a vegan. People should be whatever they want to be. It’s just like with Caitlyn Jenner disagreeing with same-sex marriage and homosexual relationships and like Howard Stern said “This is a person who was crying out for help for so many years” – Same with India, she’s being very much a hypocrite, she boasts about this whole miserable life as a man but then complains about Shane’s lifestyle. 

    Be whatever you want to be, just don’t hurt or judge anyone.

    Why I turned to Christianity?

    So many times I’ve seen signs, there’s always been that saying “God works in mysterious ways” and he does.

    Whilst I was still living in my hometown of Luton in Bedfordshire, I saw a billboard advertising a Christian radio station, then whilst walking into the town centre, I found a card or a leaflet with a prayer on it.

    One night after being bullied by drunk local people, I saw a bright neon purple cross and I followed it and it lead me to a church, I opened my heart out to the members and they felt my pain and prayed for me. 

    After that, I began attending church regularly and I even got baptised and had a certificate to confirm my baptism.

    When I was living in London, I continued to find those cards/leaflets with prayers for God and I started going to church again. 

    I attended the United & Reformed church and then the St. Mary Magdalene church of England. 

    Why have I finally accepted God?

    I prayed and prayed many times for an answer or at least a sign, the billboard & leaflets were a sign, the bright purple cross was a sign and let’s just say I’ve never felt so much salvation than I do when I worship. 

    The Holy Bible doesn’t say LGBTQQIP2SAA people are sinners or end up in hell

    In Genesis from the Old Testament is says “Man and woman shall lay together”, again this is the old testament but I old the full King James version of the Holy Bible which includes the full Old and New testament and nowhere does it say that lesbians or gays will burn in hell for an eternity and God and his son, our Lord and saviour love everyone unconditionally, we are their family. 

    Churches of today now accept LGBTQQIP2SAA people so whether you’re gay, lesbian or even bisexual or transgender, you are welcome at church, nobody is going to disown you for being different as Christianity actually embraces diversity. 

    Who are the real enemies?

    The Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Latter-day Saints aka “Mormons”. 

    Mormons like Islam believe in polygamy, all women must wear skirts or dress and be girly, only men can wear suits or trousers. The LDS church doesn’t welcome anyone who is attracted to the same sex and is very against transgender people. They only welcome intersex people aka “hermaphrodites” because they were only born with both sex organs and weren’t involved in surgery. 

    If you’re a Mormon you cannot drink tea or coffee or any drinks with caffeine because it apparently goes against “the words of wisdom”. You cannot curse/swear, you’re not allowed to shop on a Sunday even if you’re starving and need food and you’re not allowed to watch TV or listen to music unless it’s religious. 

    Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in blood transfusions and so many children with Leukaemia have died because their parents declined blood transfusions. 

    Rape and Consented Sex

    As you may know, the award winning British soap opera Hollyoaks has been showing a storyline where former footballer Luke Morgan struggles with alcohol as he tries to cope with his past.

    Mark Gibbs a jealous football rival raped Luke Morgan to humiliate him in front of his friends and to destroy Luke’s relationship with Mandy Richardson. 

    Other Hollyoaks rape victims are/were Nancy Osborne, John Paul McQueen, Ellie Nightingale & Holly Cunningham. 

    What is the difference between rape and consented sex?

    Rape isn’t always physical or forced, sometimes it can be emotional blackmail. For example a man could have an argument with a woman and use his jealousy or insecurity to blackmail the woman to sleep with him even though she is not in the mood for sex – This is unconsentful meaning it is rape. It is normal for women to orgasm during unconsented sex as it’s a reaction to the sexual climax but people who are in a long-term relationship can be raped by their own partner. 

    In example: Holly Cunningham’s ex-boyfriend wouldn’t stop kissing Holly’s neck and said “I love you, you know I love you and you know you want this”, Holly is seen feeling uncomfortable and unsure about having sex and as she tells Ellie Nightingale how the sex felt like, Ellie explain to Holly she has been raped. 

    Bullies can be rapists and men get raped too

    Mark Gibbs bullied and tormented Luke Morgan because he was jealous of his relationship with Mandy Richardson and his success with football so Mark decided to rape Luke to humiliate him and ruin his life which lead to Luke’s addiction to alcohol and the breakdown of his relationship with Mandy. 

    My rapist got away with raping me and I’m depressed 

    Unfortunately sometimes there isn’t enough evidence to prosecute the suspect but no matter what, you WILL get through this and move and eventually get closure.

    Luke Morgan’s closure 

    Luke found Mark Gibbs roaming Hollyoaks village whilst he was spending time with Mandy Richardson and her daughter Ella. Luke vowed to get revenge for the rape he suffered 17 years ago from Mark. Whilst Mark was waiting to meet his wife on the bridge, Luke finally shouts out about his rape by Mark in front of Mark’s wife Jenna. Jenna looks on in horror and questions Mark if it’s true, realising it was true, Jenna runs away and Luke finally feels realief and embraces a scared & concerned Many realising it’s finally over.

    My rape story

    I was 14 years old and obviously I still had my female body back then as I didn’t come out as transsexual to my mother until I was 18. My rapist was a boy in my school, he was desperate and obsessed with sex and wouldn’t stop harassing me to perform certain sexual acts on him and one day he held me down in the science room and all I could remember was this horrible uncomfortable pain and was staring at the ceiling whilst crying in agony, waiting for all of it to be over and done with it. I had told my head mistress but she didn’t believe me, for weeks I had stomach pains, I felt sick and wouldn’t eat my lunch at school and eventually I suffered this horrible, crippling pain inside my stomach and then I was bleeding from my genitalia. I suffered a miscarriage and then never told anyone until I was 17 as I had never had sex before and because I was Autistic, I didn’t know how long a baby could last inside a woman’s stomach and I had no idea that I suffered a miscarriage. 

    For many years I was angry because my rapist didn’t go to prison, he was only given an order by the police to avoid all physical contact with me and I wanted revenge but then I saw his profile on Facebook and I couldn’t believe what I saw. He looked very obese and unattractive as well as bald and he has no girlfriend, I was so happy because I have so many friends and have had many relationships and I’ve probably had more relationships then him.

    Rape will always be the hardest thing to get over and forget but the truth is, we’ll always get some form of closure and we will always survive this.

    [ Luke Morgan facing his rapist Mark Gibbs ]

    [ Mandy Richardson comforting a drunken Luke Morgan ]

    [ Luke Morgan struggling to battle his alcohol addiction ]

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    My poor treatment by the DWP, Maison Moti and Metropolitan Police

    Unemployed couples with more than one child refuse to go to work. The boyfriend or husband will spend most of his day drinking or taking drugs whilst the wife or girlfriend sits on the sofa smoking cigarettes in front of her own children and will continue to have more children just so she can have more money.

    Heroin addicts and alcoholics are on benefits and they don’t have any assessments done by the DWP or the job centre. 

    When you see me outside, you see an independent adult but whilst I’m at home, I’m gasping for oxygen, I’m puffing away on my inhalers, I’m applying several body creams on my body because I have extreme sensitive skin and my joints are constantly hurting. I spend most of my free resting in bed ranting online because I am too tired and in a lot of physical pain to even do anything with my life. 

    I live off microwave meals because I can no longer cook for myself. I have the mental health services visiting me monthly because I want to hurt myself to escape from my problems. 

    My illnesses/conditions: 

    • PTSD because I was raped at just 14 years old
    • PTSD again because I watched my neighbour fall to his death
    • PTSD more and more because I have been abused emotionally, physically and sexually 
    • Depression because I don’t want to go on living accepting the fact I will never be like other people 
    • Depression again because I was trapped inside the wrong body and nobody can accept it
    • Depression more because I hate myself because of how look
    • Anxiety because the stress is affecting my life
    • Autism, I was born with it
    • Brain damage, again I was born with it
    • Dyslexia because I cannot remember dates and times and rely on a LED 12 hour clock
    • Dyslexia again because I am terrible at directions 
    • Agoraphobia because I’m terrified to leave my home in case something bad might happen 
    • Arthritis because it’s genetic and I didn’t have the right proper treatment for my orthopaedic issues
    • Sinus Tachycardia because I’m sick
    • Type 2 Diabetes because I don’t know how to cook

    I can go on all day and the list will be endless but it doesn’t matter because Theresa May refuses to accept that I am a human too.

    I spent months fighting for my PIP claim because I was denied it just because I could move a few steps and breathe. 

    Most of my ESA was stolen from an adult social care company because they thought I wasn’t Autistic and that I was a spoiled brat with behaviour problems, their way of dealing with me were bruises and being arrested. Nearly £4k was claimed by Maison Moti and I wasn’t aware because I was no longer in their care. 

    I am not a person, I am a piggy bank to society because all adult social care companies want to make profit for having me in their care. 

    I have no history of drug abuse but two female officers painfully inserted their hands into my genitalia. I was left naked inside a police cell without food or drink and I was denied my inhalers when I was having an asthma attack. 

    All reports made by staff members in adult social care came back with no evidence because I was innocent and they told a lie.

    People judge me by my behaviour, if you were me you would be fed up and angry all the time too but that wouldn’t make you a bad person.